Poll Question.

  User2008 17:29 07 Aug 2008

"When looking for a number mobile phone, the first thing I consider is:"

A number mobile phone?

  rawprawn 17:35 07 Aug 2008

Errr, sorry you have lost me, but then I know little about mobile phones.
My kids bought me an all singing all dancing new mobile for my birthday. I am still trying to get to grips with it.
Pay as you go and I spend approximately £15 per year.

  Forum Editor 17:38 07 Aug 2008

Sorry about that - I've corrected it now.

For those who wonder what on earth this is all about - the new forum poll initially read "When looking for a number mobile phone....."

  User2008 17:52 07 Aug 2008

Ah, ok FE. ;)

My own answer was design, ultimately it's the design, weight and ergonomics of the device that I decide on. That is it fits in my pocket without pulling my trousers down, large screen and easy to type messages on.

The GUI must be easy to get around, which is pretty much brand orientated as they all have their own OS. Each successive model from a specific manufacturer contains a slightly advanced version of the previous model's menu system.

I detest Motorola as theirs just about seems the most awkward & not to mention the most unconventional and user-unfriendly designs.


  Forum Editor 18:08 07 Aug 2008

For what it's worth, that would be my answer, too.

  Kemistri 18:28 07 Aug 2008

is important, but so are build quality; call quality; battery life; and ringtones that actually sound like a phone. Little else matters much, least of all multi-media functions.

  mrwoowoo 18:33 07 Aug 2008

Design first, and a flip top to keep my screen nice and clean.

  mrwoowoo 18:41 07 Aug 2008

I agree that call/ariel quality are very important but you don't know how good these are until you get the phone.
You could read reviews or ask someone who has the phone you want i suppose.

  User2008 18:52 07 Aug 2008

Good point.

I have sold several phones on because as someone with impaired hearing I found the call volume and quality to be less than satisfactory. Samsung seem to be best for the hearing impaired like myself but their designs aren't of my liking -they always seems to be slide designs and hard to text on.

My ideal phone would be a candybar design:

Sony Ericsson to design it, Samsung to do the phone (call) parts and Nokia to build it.

  sunny staines 19:00 07 Aug 2008

i find motorola the only phones i can use without having the fingers of a young child. most phones the buttons are too small and the menu control is minute.

  Woolwell 19:25 07 Aug 2008

When I look for a new mobile phone I look at the features it has and then weigh them up. I have never yet found a phone which does exactly what I want. I find that I therefore consider size/weight, design, web, organiser, e-mail, camera, brand and ease of use and then make a choice on which phone I think comes out best. I suppose my priorities are the ease of making a call, texting, contact list, calendar, e-mail, web, camera. The phone that meets that tends to be well designed.

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