Poll: With the launch of new domain names are you...

  PC Advisor 16:21 02 Sep 2013

With the launch of new domain names, we want to know what you make of it.

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: With the launch of new domain names are you...

  wiz-king 16:27 02 Sep 2013

Yes / No

  Nontek 16:45 02 Sep 2013

Nope - not interested.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:43 02 Sep 2013

wiz-king, sitting on the fence?

As for me, not interested.

  Jwbjnwolf 23:24 02 Sep 2013

I ain't bothered because for my website publication needs, I don't mind about having .weebly.com at the end of my sites, as it's free, it works fab for me, and the sites work without issues.

A lot have said before now that they wouldn't trust a site like weebly to hold the whole website, ad do the coding for you etc, but me, I'd like to learn to code websites yes, that would be nice, but for what I do, why would I mess around coding and coding and then pay for a domain when I can get the job done in about 10 minutes or so and published, all for free.

It's just for the sake of simplicity and maybe if I do build a massive audience on my websites etc, in which I know I'll benefit more from a website I built myself and had my own domain then maybe, but at the moment, where I can hardly even get £1 a month with Adsense on 3 websites, it'd just be a loss rather than a profit, and it's nice that weebly, I can update my blog, post new blog posts from my iPhone so I have no need for getting on my mac just for that.

It's really funny though, as years ago, I said that I'm not interested in web design because why do I need a website for?

And then what on earth have I been doing since start of 2012? I got into all the social networks, Instagram Twitter Facebook Tumblr Google+ etc etc as well as YouTube (since summer 2011) and I built myself a website as a personal portfolio, and then now, I'm trying to post at least two blog posts per week.

The things we suddenly start doing as time passes xD. You just can't predict it

But then if I do have a domain, I'd prefer just have a .com It's when it comes to email addresses that I like being creative

Post edited to remove links to personal websites - FE 03/09/13

  spuds 00:35 03 Sep 2013

I have already received notification from my domain provider. Think that I will most likely stick with the ones I already have.

Personally, I have an EU domain, but its served no purposes whatsoever?.

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