Poll: How do you use online banking?

  PC Advisor 11:06 16 Jan 2013

We want to know how you use online banking?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: How do you use online banking?

  Bing.alau 11:15 16 Jan 2013

I access my account using my computer but I also use an ATM to withdraw cash and sometimes call in to do such things as putting in cheques. So the last option seems a bit weird to me as it implies I can't tick that option and click option one, (via my computer). However I have ticked both option one and the last option. Hope I haven't messed up the system.

  sunnypete 11:21 16 Jan 2013

With extreme care, including an on-screen keyboard to input passwords etc...am I too cautious?...

  Bing.alau 11:37 16 Jan 2013

fourm member. Why are you asking your milk man for a handout?

  Quickbeam 11:40 16 Jan 2013

I embraced online banking as soon as it was available. I couldn't manage without it.

  Taff™ 12:17 16 Jan 2013

Mainly through my laptop online. The only exception is an ATM for cash and the occasional cheque which I have to bank at a High Street Branch but I rarely use the counter, normally an automated paying in machine.

Cheques are a problem to me. Making a special trip to a branch just to pay in an odd cheque is a major hassle. They are usually for less than £50 and it takes me about an hour of my day if I have to make a special trip. Plus of course the cost of travel and the bank charging me for the pleasure! The vast majority of my clients pay online with instant transfers - no waiting for a cheque to clear. It is far less hassle to accept cash for a small job and save a trip to the ATM.

  rdave13 12:31 16 Jan 2013

Desktop only. Feel it's more secure than using any mobile app.

  john bunyan 13:20 16 Jan 2013

I am a dinosaur who has yet to adopt on line banking (I know, but if a 12 year old can hack the CIA...). I may switch soon!

  spuds 13:37 16 Jan 2013

I use one of the remaining local bank branch outlets,ATM machines plus the computer.

But having had a recent bad experience of a debit card payment transaction, in which the company taking the payment, took far more than they should have done, as made me more suspect on the reliability of the systems.

  Bing.alau 13:44 16 Jan 2013

john bunyan. If I can do it I am sure you can. Saves me an awful lot of trips to the bank. Plus I can keep a closed eye on how the balance is going. I do that at least three times a week sometimes more.

  diesel 14:20 16 Jan 2013

I use my main computer only. If I want cash then I get cash back from my local store. I pay in cheques at my local bank branch. I have not even considered using a mobile .I never use ATM dispensers.

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