Poll: How do you secure your mobile phone?

  PC Advisor 11:22 26 Nov 2012

We want to know how do you secure your mobile phone?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: How do you secure your mobile phone?

  spuds 13:10 28 Nov 2012

I know this is off subject, but alan14 as raised a good point. The other day I was involved with a local central heating engineer, and on completing our discussion, I had a return call which I could hear him 'faintly in the distance' having a conversation with someone else. On his visit I mentioned this to him, and instantly he knew what the problem was. The 'sensitive' phone had also redialled the previous (my) number as well.

I would not have thought this possible, but apparently it is?.

  interzone55 16:51 28 Nov 2012


All our business mobiles have two lines, and it's possible to initiate a conference call from the handset accidentally if you press two entries at once on the screen.

On a similar note, as I often work remotely all calls to my work landline also call a VOIP phone line, so I can answer from my desk phone or from a software phone headset on my laptop.

One day whilst in the office a few seconds into each call I could hear someone saying "hello, hello - it's happening again..."

It turns out that someone at Verizon (who handle our phones) had altered the number on my line so instead of dialing my VOIP phone it was calling some poor lady in Motherwell...

  Aitchbee 18:34 28 Nov 2012

...I've noticed that on entering and doing serious 'experiments' involving sitting [with a pint] and 'people-watching' in a very large pub on the southside of Glasgow that universally there are no phones on the tables 'cos mobile phone signals are 'not allowed' in ... phoners have to join the smokers outside if they wish to 'communicate' with the outside world.

  Woolwell 18:41 28 Nov 2012

Perhaps mybunjee should be added.

  Aitchbee 19:42 28 Nov 2012

...well-off gentlemen [and up-to-the-minute gadget aficiados of the nineteenth century] used to have a similar extension chain attached to their pocketwatches.

  Woolwell 20:15 28 Nov 2012

Aitchbee - What do you mean "used to have"? I use a pocket watch instead of a wrist watch and have a chain (Albert chain). You don't and didn't have to be well-off.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:40 28 Nov 2012

Well said, Woolwell!


  HondaMan 11:09 29 Nov 2012

Finger swipe. Samsung Galaxy S

  Strawballs 16:28 29 Nov 2012

I don't need to my phone cost £12 and will only make calls and text!!

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