Poll: How do you secure your mobile phone?

  PC Advisor 11:22 26 Nov 2012

We want to know how do you secure your mobile phone?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: How do you secure your mobile phone?

  Matt Egan 17:22 26 Nov 2012

I use the 4-digit pin code on my iPhone, but principally because it is a work phone and anyone who wished to could access lots of info via the email (and delete forum threads...)

  johndrew 10:19 27 Nov 2012

Most of the time it is witched off and in a drawer at home. When going on a long journey it is in the car and switched off. At other times - in use - it is either in the house or in the car with the latter stationary and the engine off.

Added to that it is a Pay as you go 'phone with little on it!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 27 Nov 2012

Old flip top Sony Ericson on PAYG so no one wants to nick it :0)

Wife's phone even older (Nokia 6110) has suddenly become more valuable appears to now be "retro" as far as the kids are concerned. ???

  spuds 11:59 27 Nov 2012

Considering that I am still using my favourite mobile called a Motorola Savvy/Talkabout/T180, which was purchased in January 2001 from Link with a Cellnet connection, then security is the least of my worries :O)

And to top it all, I can still obtain replacement batteries rather easy for this model, not like some more recent mobile telephone purchases that I have made.

  johndrew 15:23 27 Nov 2012

On the subject of 'retro' (or antique??) 'phones, do the old Phillips Savvy models have any followers? I have three, not used for years, and a charger - maybe two. I even have the original box fore one of them!!

  Flak999 15:28 27 Nov 2012

I also use the four digit pin security code on my iphone, I also have the "find my iphone" app installed so that if it is lost or stolen I can track it, lock it or wipe it's contents.

I think this type of security is necessary particularly for smart phones which can have online banking and credit card apps installed.

  diesel 16:23 27 Nov 2012

At the moment it has about £3.50 credit on it. It cost about £20 when new. So it really is not one of major priorities.

  Quickbeam 10:10 28 Nov 2012

"Wife's phone even older (Nokia 6110) has suddenly become more valuable appears to now be "retro" as far as the kids are concerned. ???"

There must be a limit to how cool retro can be...

  spuds 10:26 28 Nov 2012

"There must be a limit to how retro can be..."

To me, a nice shade of blue does the trick :O)

  interzone55 12:32 28 Nov 2012

With a touch screen phone it's only sensible to have some kind of lock to prevent mis-dialling whilst in your pocket.

My main security measure is to keep it in my trouser pocket rather than on the table when in the pub...

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