Poll: How do you back up your data?

  davidcourt 12:32 12 Dec 2011
  wiz-king 13:37 12 Dec 2011

Home - once a week to external hard drive + once a month to CD Work - every ten min from PC to on-site server, every hour from on-site server to off-site server, once a week from off-site server to off-site tape.

  lotvic 13:56 12 Dec 2011

Acronis and 2 External HDD's with occasional extra burning to DVD/CD's for Vids and pics

  peter99co 14:54 12 Dec 2011

I use Lotvics method but totally on hard drives.

Acronis uses one drive and photo and music on another.

Because my Photographs can't be replaced another backup is kept on a third USB drive.

The BBC had an article recently which suggested they be saved as TIFF images to avoid data compression.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 12 Dec 2011

All work stuff is backed up to another PC on the network as and when new files are written

C drive (op system) is backed up to another drive with Acronis every Friday however use two different file names so always have second backup to fall back on.

Data drive is also backed up the same way

Therefore have two copies of Opsytem drive and three copies of w data drive all on different hard drives

  john bunyan 18:55 12 Dec 2011

C: (system files partition) scanned and defragged then an ATI image once a week to an external HD.F: (Data partition) Mirror image daily to second (removable) HD using Freefilesynch.Once a month: Clone (ATI) whole Primary drive to another removable HD kept elsewhere.

  Matt Egan 10:32 13 Dec 2011

This is like when people ask my how my Christmas shopping is going - I swallow something hard and jagged. I back up only very occasionally, to an external hard drive. And this makes me a bad PC Advisor editor.

  mafiosi 11:08 13 Dec 2011

**Put it in reverse gear. ;))**

  Quickbeam 11:11 13 Dec 2011

I ticked the external hard drive one.

I do this quite regularly every Christmas holiday and end of tax year. Sometimes an extra time if I do something major on the computer:)

  bob. 11:19 13 Dec 2011

I have a clone of my first install with all my important photographs to an IDE hard drive. If this drive fails I just put in the backup drive.

Not bothered about any other thing on the computer. My bank and utilities statements are all on line and I can access them from any computer.

  interzone55 12:09 13 Dec 2011

I keep all my data on a separate partition to Windows, I've always done this since I had a spell where Windows 98 had to be reinstalled on a monthly basis.

I back up the partition every time I'm reminded to when someone asks a question like this

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