Politics and BT blocking Western Sites

  greengorilla 02:21 30 Dec 2006

Hi folks, I've just been having a lively exchange with some geek in the Helproom, 'Is BTR surreptitiously blocking Sites?'

I've been accused of being 'political' on a basic issue concerning freedom of net access and then I saw Speaker's Corner so felt you should all know what's going on ;-)

  greengorilla 02:42 30 Dec 2006

If BT is providing a Denial of Service I would hope that that would alarm netizens in the UK. They appear to be falling foul of Blair's dictatorship.

BT lies exposed as an arm of MI5.

Fortunately, the same degree of totalitarianism hasn't yet got to companies like Telewest, Tiscali and NTL. So, if anything, it says a lot for private enterprise versus wannabe monpolies.

  terryf 06:09 30 Dec 2006

IMO BT like the BBC is just another quango (quasi autonomous non-governmental organisation)

  Jackcoms 08:19 30 Dec 2006

"IMO BT like the BBC is just another quango (quasi autonomous non-governmental organisation)"

Do BT's shareholders know this??

  Forum Editor 08:29 30 Dec 2006

with 'some geek' was in contravention of our forum rules, and the 'geek' in question (who has been with us for a very long time) simply pointed that out.

I'm perfectly happy for you to air your dissatisfaction with BT if you think they're blocking your access to a specific site, but you may not use our forum for posting overtly political rants. Referring to our government as "Blair's dictatorship" and calling BT "an arm of MI5" without a shred of concrete evidence is immature student-bar politics, and we're not going to provide you with a platform for that kind of thing.

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