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Political point scoring on police funding cuts

  oresome 10:16 05 Jun 2017

Does anyone believe that giving the police more resources will prevent terrorist acts like we've experienced recently?

Certainly the latest act required little in the way of planning or the purchase of specialist materials that may have raised suspicion.

Even if we'd had the resources to keep a very close watch on the perpetrators could we have prevented them driving a vehicle at pedestrians or using kitchen knives?

Of course the police would like more money as would every other publicly funded organisation and no doubt some good would come from it, but we have to be realistic and look at the cost and likely benefit.

  Cymro. 10:41 05 Jun 2017

Spending money on extra resources will not stop all such terrorist attacks but it will help to reduce the number of such attacks and increase the rate at which we capture these terrorists. As with most things in life it is a case of cost efficiency. How much do we consider a human life to be worth just in financial terms? Chances are that we will never be able to spend enough to make spending such large amounts of money worth while.

  john bunyan 10:47 05 Jun 2017

Cressida Dick said she has adequate resource. As the threat changes so must the allocation of resources; less on streets on pointed hats, more in MI5 , CCTV, etc. Nice to have more on the beat but more firearms officers plus undercover people needed now. Clearly there has been a huge investment in "on patrol" specialist firearms units since the Drummer Rigby assassination.

  Govan1x 10:53 05 Jun 2017

The old Bobby on the beat was invaluable for collecting information.

Unfortunately they are no longer there. You do not need to ask why.

  x123 11:05 05 Jun 2017

Totally agree with Govan1x.

People are more likely to pass on snippets of information or concerns to police on the beat, that they see regularly, rather than being unsure to ring a hotline.

Who shot those attackers, who are raiding the houses,who are showing a visible strength at strategic locations?

  wee eddie 11:06 05 Jun 2017

Harping on about "the Bobby on the beat" is going to get us nowhere. The world has changed.

When the bobby was on the beat, people lived their lives on the street. They stood by their doors and chatted, the children pushed buggies up and down, the men drank in the pub. People, well most anyway, worked within a mile or two of home and knew all their neighbours.

Now, most people work many miles from home, they travel alone and when they get home they lock their front door and turn on the telly. Children play alone or go to classes/hobbies with kids from many streets away, not their next door neighbours. Few speak to their neighbours, let alone know them.

There is no local knowledge for the "Bobby on the beat" to pick up any longer

  bremner 11:23 05 Jun 2017

Wee Eddie


Of equal concern to funding is a potential leader who has never voted for any anti terrorism legislation and has shown sympathy for Irish and Middle Eastern terrorist groups in the past.

  x123 12:12 05 Jun 2017
  x123 12:16 05 Jun 2017
  bremner 12:40 05 Jun 2017

I am just glad there were no terrorist attacks before the reduction in police numbers.

  Forum Editor 12:49 05 Jun 2017

**"The old Bobby on the beat was invaluable for collecting information. Unfortunately they are no longer there. You do not need to ask why."**

I don't need to ask why - I know why.

Police on foot are at a disadvantage in an age where citizens and criminals alike are highly mobile - wee eddie's comments are spot on. We don't need thousands more police officers on the streets to combat terrorism, we need more highly mobile, specially trained intelligence officers working in the field. Responding to a terrorist atrocity is one thing, but what we need more than anything else is an increased ability to stop the terrorists before they can act. That means more highly resourced intelligence agencies, and specially trained police officers who act positively and rapidly when a threat is identified.

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