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  Kevscar1 09:43 25 Mar 2010

Anyone else going to submit a question.

Sent in this don't suppose it will be asked.

We have a party who promised a referendum and broke their word. A party whose leader stated he considers himself the heir to Tony Blair the smariest PM this country has ever had and a party of ineffective nobodies. Why is it the only party I trust to keep there word is the BNP somebody I wouldn't vote for under any circumstances.

  bremner 09:47 25 Mar 2010

"Sent in this don't suppose it will be asked"

You're not wrong there.

  Joseph Kerr 10:04 25 Mar 2010


  birdface 10:54 25 Mar 2010

We have a party who promised a referendum and broke their word.
Maybe I have got this wrong but was it not the Tory party who pushed us into Europe.
Will they hold a referendom if they get back in. I don't think so.
Maybe some have short memory's There was no global bank crisis when M/Thatcher was in but we still had one of the biggest unemployment figures ever.
Inflation was running about 17.5% and the amount of house repossessions was at the highest levels ever.
Now all that happened without a global money crisis.
My question would be what are the Tory's going to do to stop this from happening again.
They have a leader who could have made his name as a commedian probably and few have any trust in him.
He can't or does not know how to give us a straight forward answers as to what he will do do to make this a better country.
Things are going to get worse we all know that.
I think they will get even worse still with him in charge of the Country.
I have been wrong many times before and maybe so again ,only time will tell
I am stuck with better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.
My facts may not be 100% accurate but just stated as I remember them.

  birdface 13:00 25 Mar 2010

oops .
Have I said something that is not allowed.
I was only stating the facts as I remember them they were not meant to offend anyone.
I always stand to be corrected.

  hssutton 13:36 25 Mar 2010

"Maybe I have got this wrong but was it not the Tory party who pushed us into Europe".

Well if memory serves me correctly, the people voted to join Europe, albeit not in it's present form.

"He can't or does not know how to give us a straight forward answers as to what he will do do to make this a better country"

That puts him in the same league as the Labour Party and did you hear Vince Cable on the Jeremy Vine program. Exactly the same.

  jakimo 14:52 25 Mar 2010

"We have a party who promised a referendum and broke their word"

thats right in 1996 Blair was promising anything to get the vote...(Unlike the Tories who gave us a referendum as promised),and we voted yes to a "common market" and not the the dictatorship that rules us, the promised Labour referendum might have got us out of Brussells clutches

  bri-an 15:13 25 Mar 2010

So, presumably, you accept all the other 'Buteman memories' - inflation, unemployment and repossessions all being worse under the Tories (even though there had been no global crisis)?

And do you really think they will give us a referendum on Europe if they get in?

  birdface 15:56 25 Mar 2010

So who do we blame labour who never gave us the vote or maybe the Tory's that pushed us into it in the first place.
One is as bad as the other.
Now what you have to ask is would the Tory's give you a chance to vote on it now if they were elected and the answer is No.
I don't think you should worry about whether we got to vote or not we should just be thinking about getting the proper Government elected which will do its best for the people of this country.
I don't think any of the top 2 candidates are very popular it is which party will be beneficial to all of the people in the Uk.
All I can say is if the Labour Government had not kept all of the Banks afloat by pumping our money into them at least those of us that have money saved could have lost the lot.
Are we thankful to them.
We just carry on moaning about what a terrible decision it was and we are now up to our necks in debt.
Those decisions have to be made fast and you have to ask would any other party have acted so quickly.
So the question is what party we think will be best for us then we have to vote on it and whatever party wins we will still not be very popular with some of the decisions that they have to make.
A couple from the past that would have attracted large votes would have been John Smith[labour] who sadly never made it to be prime minister and Harold McMillan[tory][we never had it so good.] prime minister.

  natdoor 16:11 25 Mar 2010

We entered the Common Market during Edward Heath's premiership. There was no referendum or popular vote. In those days the Tories were more in favour of Europe than Labour. Our terms of membership were renegotiated under Harold Wilson, in spite of opposition by Mrs Thatcher, who said that trying to renegotiate was no way to treat our European friends and partners. A referendum was held and a majority was in favour but less than 50% of those entitled to vote supported continued membership.

Subsequently Mrs Thatcher changed her mind about how to treat other member states and "handbagged" them. I also recall that in 1979 she campaigned on no increase in taxation and, on being elected, raised VAT significantly. She also wooed the unions by opposing Labour plans for wage restraint, stating that she was in favour of free collective bargaining. And then she set about eliminating unions.

The subsequent promise of a referendum was in relation to the proposed constitution. This never came into effect having been rejected by a couple of states in referenda. Recently the Lisbon Treaty has been approved, which makes certain changes considered necessary to account for the increased membership of the EU. This is not the constitution and no promise of a referendum was ever made in relation to it. The Tories have said they will not hold a referendum on the topic. It is more than disingenuous to claim that we have been denied a referendum when one was promised.

  Kevscar1 16:11 25 Mar 2010

But nothing is labours fault. Just been to a meeting with the local MP and the Housing Minister.
He stated that the housing crisis/shortage was all Maggie Thatchers fault well obviously in it's is it 12 or 13 years they have been in power there has been no time to change things. In fact it,s taken them that long to even decide who caused the problem.
Oh and if Gordon hadn't sold off all our gold reserves he might have been able to save the banks without driving us into massive debt

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