Political correctness gone mad?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:01 11 Jul 2013

William Hague Calls Labour's Cathy Jamieson 'Stupid Woman' During PMQs. As you more than likely aware I have no love for politicians of any party but this sort of furore over this sort of stuff shows,to me anyway, the ridiculous society we now live in and the gutlessness of our MP's in that he felt it necessary to apologise.

I believe Michael McCann MP (Lab) Tweeted 'scandelous' which is another example of the pointlessness of Twitter in that it allows idiots a voice.


It seems it is impossible that anything said can be interpreted as to mean something completely different. There seems to be more and more limitations on what we can or cannot say.

Rather than what Hague said I am more concerned by the childish and rowdy behaviour of politicians on both sides of the house yesterday.

  ella33 11:56 11 Jul 2013

I didn't see PMQs this week, I haven't for a while but about two years ago I was in a position to see it live most weeks and I was amazed at the way it was ok for politicians to be quite scathing, even personally, about each other but suddenly one person was in the wrong and had to apologise and on one occasion that minor MP (who was probably considered out of the pecking order for debate) had to apologise for trying to debate a political issue with another party..... I don't think the standards expected of political debate are set in iron, stone, or anything else! It is just known to themselves... but I guess an expression of distaste which mentions gender, race or age could be considered going over the top, even in PMQs!

  fourm member 13:46 11 Jul 2013

The whole Falkirk business has got Labour in a corner so it is no surprise they are clutching at straws to divert attention to something else.

Ask yourself if this would have been a row if a male MP had asked the question and Hague had mouthed 'stupid man'.

There is a growing problem with PMQs and it is John Bercow. He's trying to prove that all those who thought Mick Martin was poor didn't know what the word meant.

By the way, since this is about alleged misogyny, I noticed that Bercow called an awful lot of women. Far more than their proportion of the house justifies. I think this was Bercow's alternative to giving lines to the naughty men who do most of the shouting.

  lotvic 14:59 11 Jul 2013

Err... I'm still not sure, is the objection/outrage to the word 'stupid' or is it the word 'woman' ? or maybe it's to inane mutterings in the House in general?

  spuds 15:01 11 Jul 2013

Political correctness gone mad?

There doesn't appear to be much or any news of a DUP politician being told to leave the chamber yesterday, because he refused to 'apologise' for a statement he made.

Double standards or what?.

  lotvic 15:09 11 Jul 2013

Maybe this clip from BBC news House of Lords will help me understand what is acceptable and what is not. (viewers beware - this clip contains hand signal in response to comments a Lord is making)

  john bunyan 16:54 11 Jul 2013

Some Tory MP's are forming a club re the Speaker:

BBB Club

  Forum Editor 17:00 11 Jul 2013

Had he mouthed the words 'stupid man' about a male MP I doubt that anyone would have thought twice about it.

It might come as a surprise to you to know that MPs are human, just like all of us - and like all of us they sometimes react to situations on the spur of the moment. The stupidity - if there is any - about all this is that anyone thought it newsworthy. Mind you, if you rely on the Huffington Post for news you'll never run out of stupid stories.

  john bunyan 17:10 11 Jul 2013

I remember Prince Charles muttering on TV that "I Can't stand that man" about N Witchell, so mutterings go to the highest echelons of society!


  Forum Editor 17:25 11 Jul 2013

john bunyan

I believe that Charles said 'I can't stand that bloody man'. Fair enough, most of us can't stand somebody or other.

I've always failed to understand why so many people seem incapable of grasping the fact that celebrities, politicians, members of the Royal family etc., are human beings first, and famous second when it comes to reacting to their utterances.

  Chronos the 2nd 17:27 11 Jul 2013

Mind you, if you rely on the Huffington Post for news you'll never run out of stupid stories.

Just for the FE, BBC I hope this source is more acceptable to him.

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