Policeman gets community charge

  ronalddonald 21:05 22 Mar 2010

how ironic

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if you or me did the same we would be charged with violence or agression

  peter99co 22:01 22 Mar 2010

Love is blind. He must have been very badly bitten.

  bremner 22:02 22 Mar 2010

He did not use physical violence and there is no offence of aggression.

That said he does appear to have been treated lightly. Howbver we do not know all the facts which the Judge had before him when he imposed the sentence.

If the CPS think it is unduly light they may seek to have the sentence increased.

  morddwyd 07:47 23 Mar 2010

He's not a policeman, he is, or was, a special, an unpaid evening and weekender.

While many thousands of them give sterling service, they are not as well trained or screened as full time police.

  bremner 08:33 23 Mar 2010

He was a policeman.

A Special has exactly the same powers and responsibilities as a full officer and is subject to the same level of vetting. They are also expected to have the same level of honesty and integrity as a full officer.

That said it is true their level of training is not that of a full officer.

  Cymro. 13:36 23 Mar 2010

Policemen are usually very good (if that is the right way to put it) at covering up for each other but I know one who said that they did not like specials as they reduced the amount of overtime available.

However if a policeman ever appears in court and is found guilty he is very often sentenced more severely than a member of the public. Judges like to make an example of a policeman who breaks the law however trivial the offence.

  ronalddonald 16:32 23 Mar 2010

seem to have the attitude to be above the law not all but some do, some can be aggressive in their manner whee as some are not.

However i ve seen both and some need to develop a good attitude to all people regardless of faith, status and to all people in all community and use their common sense where seem to lose it very quickly

  Teaboy 17:23 23 Mar 2010

Oh dear, whenever a policeman errs its the police that err.

come off it guys-there is good and bad in all walks of life, and the rest of us are not to blame.

  Teaboy 17:24 23 Mar 2010

P.S I'm good.

  egapup 18:59 23 Mar 2010

Sounds like he needs help if he threatened to slash his wrists.

  morddwyd 20:08 23 Mar 2010

He is not a policeman.

If he was completing an application or credit form and he put down his profession as "Policeman" he would be guilty of fraud.

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