Police suing crime victims!

  Al94 10:27 19 Mar 2013

Can you believe this report of what is happening in part of UK?

Your home is broken in to, car keys taken and car stolen, police stop stolen car, an officer is injured in the process so he sues you through your insurance!

What a mess BBC report

  Quickbeam 11:46 19 Mar 2013

I suppose we'll all now need an extra cover clause to allow for police claims whilst doing their duty...

  Al94 00:31 31 Mar 2013

Might not have been much interest as this happened in Northern Ireland but it's coming to a police force near you! click here

  kad60 06:57 31 Mar 2013

Wait until they demand payment in the form of a call out charge,rates to inrease depending on the seriousness of the 'crime'.

  Quickbeam 07:49 31 Mar 2013

They should make is compulsory for villains to have police liability cover.

  Quickbeam 07:51 31 Mar 2013

That would also make crime prevention much easier, as when a villain upgrades from a basic burglary policy to robbery with intent, they would get a little clue.

  fourm member 09:21 31 Mar 2013


The fact that the Police Federation is supporting her claim suggests to me that there is an agenda here.

  Aitchbee 10:03 31 Mar 2013

... maybe unlucky PC Jones had just tried out a new pair of [PC regulation] boots on that 'eventful' evening and hadn't quite gotten used to 'em!

  bremner 10:07 31 Mar 2013

It is misleading to say the police federation is supporting her claims, they have referred her claim to solicitors.

As with most Unions the Federation offers as part of its membership legal services for those who suffer injury at work. She has taken advantage of those services to bring, what on the information provided, a ridiculous claim for injury. It is however the solicitors that will have advised her not the federation.

Hopefully the court will see this for what it is and throw it out with costs against her.

  carver 10:12 31 Mar 2013

Quickbeam do you get a discount if the person takes out a multi burglary policy, well the burglar could have a friend.

So now not only do you have to take care and protect the burglar but also the police officer who comes out to try and catch them.

Think I'm going into business making warning signs for houses, mind the baby/ careful there could be a glass on the floor/ warning crying baby could cause hearing problems/

  WhiteTruckMan 10:14 31 Mar 2013

After all this has been settled (hopefully in the garage owners favour, but you can't be sure given some of the perverse decisions that come out of courts these days) I would be really interested to find out what the federation actually advised her to do.


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