Police stop investigation

  ronalddonald 12:56 28 Apr 2010

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fact is the parents did leave her alone in the hotel room with n o one to look out for them and be with them as they went of for dinner and meeting with other people.

Fact possible child was abducted and kidnapped

Fact wouldn't of happened if they had a baby sitter or if one of the parents took in turns to stay with children now case is closed.

Would you say the parents were irresponsible?

  Al94 13:00 28 Apr 2010

Not that discussion again!!

  birdface 13:05 28 Apr 2010

[Would you say the parents were irresponsible]
Yes they were.
But there can't be many parents who have not left their kids at home for a moment to nip round to the corner shop while they were sleeping to get bread or whatever.
It is a tragedy that should not have happened and they will blame themselves for the rest of their lives because of it.
They live in hope the same as the rest of us.
Lets hope one day there will be a happy ending.

  Legolas 13:17 28 Apr 2010

I totally agree with you on this. Their moment of bad judgement has cost them a lifetime of what iff's and regrets. They have got to live with this 24/7 for the rest of ther lives and I for one am not going to point the finger. 'Let him who be without sin cast the first stone' springs to mind. I am sure that there is nothing that we could blame them for that they haven't and probably still are blaming themselves for. If by some miracle this wee lassie was found alive and unharmed would be the day that I would cry openly not caring who seen me, and we Scotmen don't like to cry openly.

  ronalddonald 14:29 28 Apr 2010

only thing is they didnt nip down to the shops

  ronalddonald 14:30 28 Apr 2010

you can hope and you can prevent in the first place hope in a situation like this hopeless

  morddwyd 20:07 28 Apr 2010

We forgot ours when we first had him at home.

Left him outside Woolworth's for two hours on a Saturday morning!

We were luckier.

Of course if that was now he would definitely have gone - the Social Services would have had him away.

  Pine Man 08:34 29 Apr 2010

When we had our first child the only holiday we could afford was at a holiday camp about 40+ years ago.

It was accepted practice in those days to leave your child in the chalet at night and go to a show and tie a nappy to the door handle so that the chalet maids could stop outside on their rounds and listen to see if all was ok.

Beggars belief nowadays!!

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