Police serious;ly injured doing their job.

  Jameslayer 18:32 15 Dec 2010

Title says it all. We have had a lot of threads were people seem to be bashing them and this sums up the dangerous job they are doing.

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  lucky1 19:41 15 Dec 2010

Jameslayer - Well said. I totally agree with you.

  ams4127 19:53 15 Dec 2010

Yes, me too.

  So Afraid 19:55 15 Dec 2010

One report says a officer said the suspect was stopped and when a radio check was made the pair learned he was wanted for recall to prison.

  karmgord 19:56 15 Dec 2010

Add me to the list.
Hoping them both a speedy recovery

  lucky1 20:33 15 Dec 2010

Should be said that one of the officers was a civilian employee of the Police. A Community Support Officer.

  Forum Editor 22:48 15 Dec 2010

in the traffic build-up that resulted from this incident - I was crossing Ealing Common when it happened. Suddenly the road was alive with Police motorcyclists, cars, and ambulances.

It seems such a small thing, Police officers checking to see that people had valid bus tickets,but for two people it suddenly turned very nasty. One of my daughters lives quite close to the scene, and it's left her badly shaken.

  KremmenUK 06:51 16 Dec 2010

I also got tangled up in the aftermath of the Uxbridge Road being closed. It seems everyone was trying to divert via the M4 and Hayes By Pass as the A40 was also blocked by accidents causing chaos all around.

I hear the PC is now stable which is excellent and which makes my my extra 3/4 hour getting home pale into insignificance.

  Jameslayer 16:58 19 Dec 2010

the simplest thing can become deadly.

  karmgord 17:19 19 Dec 2010

Says a lot for the criminal justice system that it was a killer on the run that attacked them.
Wish them both a speedy recovery but I read that the Policeman with the slashed throat may not speak again and also may have suffered brain damage.

  timsmith259 22:36 19 Dec 2010

thats what they get paid for, same with the MOD thats what they die for or live for but still get paid for

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