Police response.

  Awshum 15:35 19 Mar 2010

Seen a mob (12 or so) gather at around 8.50pm carry various objects, sticks etc in a confrontational area where my work is located. The Police where there the previous night for same thing.

I called them at 8.55 when I saw the mob gather and they said they'd be up to disperse them....

9.25 the mob decides to attack cars, wrecking 5+ of them (smashed in windscreens) taking rocks and metal bars to body work. Our Security Guard and some staff chase them off. Called police to see where they are and report the crimes that had just taken place.

Police turn up at 9.55 to issue ref numbers so the car owners can claim of their insurance.

Bloody brilliant service by the Police!

  birdface 15:45 19 Mar 2010

Sad to say but it is happening far to often.
I would imagine that would be a fairly quick response time for them.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:52 19 Mar 2010

You should have driven your car 10mph over the limit outside your place and, hey presto, Plod would have been there like a rash and the second problem could be dealt with at the same time.


  DANZIG 16:00 19 Mar 2010

What might have got more of a speedy response is if you had told the police you had a gun and would be dispersing them yourself.

  Kevscar1 18:14 19 Mar 2010

With my eyesight I might have thought that one of the objects was a gun. Sorry Officer didn't have my glasses on.

  bri-an 19:07 19 Mar 2010

Even by your standards that's a pathetic, silly response.
There may well be serious concerns about the police action, but without knowing what else was going on in the area at that time, we are not in a position to criticise too much.
We would all like to have instant-response policing, but how on earth do we fund it?

  bremner 19:22 19 Mar 2010

Where did this happen?

  Bingalau 20:27 19 Mar 2010

The amount I pay in my rates for policing goes up considerably every year. Yet they have closed down the local police station after six p.m. in the evening until O-Christ Double O. whenever that is? I think I should get a refund.

We are paying more and more for less and less. Mind you I put a lot of the blame on the laziness of the British worker be he/she a police person or a bin emptying person. There seems to be a culture of doing as little as you can get away with, for as much as you can get, money wise.

  Forum Editor 20:29 19 Mar 2010

to an account like this, but of course no body knows all the facts, so commenting is rather pointless.

When my daughter recently woke in the night to hear what seemed to be someone attempting to force the entry lock system on the small block of flats where she lived the police arrived within five minutes of her call.

She might also have said "Bloody brilliant service by the Police!"

  bremner 20:47 19 Mar 2010

As I have consistently said, the public CANNOT have a consistent fast response to calls and high visibility patrols that do nothing but give a perception of crime prevention.

I live in the South West and due to the coming funding cuts we will lose police officers. Our police response will undoubtedly get worse.

This is not the fault of the officers working. They cannot be in two places at once.

  peter99co 21:51 19 Mar 2010

This is not the fault of the officers working. They cannot be in two places at once.

The desk or the rest room?

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