Police Pay settlement Out of Order .....?

  VideoSentry 14:37 07 Dec 2007

My Previous post re Police Pay click here Now we get the rise but not backdated,Fair? Honest?

  g0slp 14:49 07 Dec 2007

I think that it's well out of order, & is not fair.

Honest? The police can't strike, so it's all a bit one sided, imo.

I don't suppose that there was any problem with our MPs' pay rise?

  Earthsea 15:30 07 Dec 2007

It's a bit dishonest if officers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland had been told their pay would be backdated, and it's unfair because officers in Scotland have had theirs backdated.

However, it could be argued that it's fair in that they shouldn't get a better deal than other public service workers like nurses. I understand police have more responsibilities now but expect nurses could put up an equally strong argument.

I just hope they don't go on strike!

  oresome 15:32 07 Dec 2007

I accept that an agreement is an agreement.

However this particular agreement dates back almost 30 years and I question it's relevance after so long and whether it's not time to renegotiate it.

Inflation is a curse, particularly for those on fixed incomes. Every year I get a rates demand that has risen way above inflation and this is particularly so for the police and fire service portions of the bill.

I believe our police deserve to be paid well, but equally I expect the organisation to be run efficiently and offer value for money. I'm not convinced that it is and does.

  john bunyan 16:01 07 Dec 2007

I agree with oresome. Those of us on pensions get , if they are lucky, an inflation equalling increase yet fuel, council tax - particularly the police bill busts inflation every year. The police do a reasonable job, if you can find one, but get quite good pay now compared with the lads in the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  spuds 18:15 07 Dec 2007

Fully agree with oresome's comment.

Our local Chief Constable is already sounding out the people, for a possible 'large' increase in revenue for and after next April.

  Forum Editor 18:51 07 Dec 2007

could have been so easily avoided, if we didn't have a Home Secretary who - in the words of Labour MP Keith Vaz (the chairman of the Commons home affairs committee), is "petty and mean".

Mr. Vaz urged Jacqui Smith to reverse her decision not to backdate the Police pay increase by 12 weeks, and she refused. The consequence is that we have Police officers who are furious, and with good cause - they were told the increase would be backdated. Police officers can't protest by striking - it's a criminal offence for them to do that - so they have to put up with what one Chief Constable has called "a kick in the teeth" or leave the Police for a better-paid job.

Prior to the Edmund-Davies report of nearly 30 years ago, Police officers were leaving the service in droves. The formula established as a result of the report has done its job well - not once have Police Services come into conflict with governments since its introduction. That may be about to change.

  Monoux 19:13 07 Dec 2007

Bet the MPs way above inflation pay rise was backdated though. Talk about hypocritical

  Totally-braindead 19:33 07 Dec 2007

I have to agree its unfair, I saw the Scottish minister on TV saying that they agreed to abide by whatever decision was reached and he personally felt duty bound having agreed to this to implement the agreement right away.

The decision not to implement it in England is scandalous. They agreed to abide by the decision made and when it isn't what they wanted they decide to alter it.

People wonder what reason people have for not bothering to vote and as far as I am concerned one of the main reasons is people believe that ministers cannot be trusted so why bother voting?

In this case its proved true now isn't it? They agreed they would go with whatever decision was made and they have broken that agreement, in short they have lied. Now the Police are not allowed to go on strike and you can imagine the chaos that would result if they did but if the government won't keep their word you have to ask why the Police have to keep theirs? Duty perhaps and a sense of honour that the politicians clearly lack.

Sad but typical.

  laurie53 20:59 07 Dec 2007

Every sympathy with the police.

I remember they used to stagger our "independent" pay rise nearly every time in the Forces, and it always caused massive resentment.

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