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Police non emergency number 101

  HondaMan 15:53 12 Nov 2018

here is a question for any police officers who may be watching this board. The police state that for non-emergency calls, use 101. But how do I use that facility from a mobile phone?

  Al94 17:07 12 Nov 2018

Doesn't work for me on EE contract I get a message saying I have dialled an incorrect number!

  wee eddie 17:12 12 Nov 2018

It works for me

  davecartman 17:14 12 Nov 2018

Don't understand the question, where is there a problem? (I am not a police officer)

  Forum Editor 18:26 12 Nov 2018

I have an EE contract, and it works perfectly for me.

There's no reason it shouldn't work on any mobile, provided there's enough credit for a 15p call if you have a Pay as you go SIM.

  Taff™ 06:36 13 Nov 2018

If you have a facility on your phone to block chargeable numbers, switch it off.

Several carriers, including 02 in my case, charge 15p to call 101. A 999 call is free, which is a damn kick in the teeth for the Emergency Services as well as consumers.

  canarieslover 09:14 13 Nov 2018

I gave up with 101 as I tried to contact them 10 days ago and after holding on for more than 15 minutes I was just cut off. I tried again but gave up after another 15 minutes of holding on. Perhaps that is what they want for us not to report.

  Matt. 11:28 13 Nov 2018

I rang it the other day, some yobs had pushed a Portaloo into the road got through in a couple of minutes.

  Forum Editor 17:17 13 Nov 2018


"Several carriers, including 02 in my case, charge 15p to call 101. A 999 call is free..."

Well yes, because 101 is not an emergency number. Carriers will therefore charge for it. You'll only pay 15p however, no matter how long you are on the phone.

The idea is to take some of the load away from the 999 service, which is deluged with calls about non-emergencies. People phone them when a fuse trips, or when they have a poor finger. When he was at university my son worked on a London hospital A&E admissions desk in the summer holidays. Ambulance drivers told him about people who phone for an ambulance to take them home from the pub because they're drunk, or because they have a cold.

The Police 999 service gets people phoning because their cat hasn't come home for its supper, or because they have dropped their phone into a river and they want a frogman to search for it.

  bumpkin 19:11 13 Nov 2018

because they have dropped their phone into a river

My daughter dropped her phone into the Thames over the side of a boat. When she phoned Vodafone to inform them she was getting a new one, they asked if the old one had got wet

  Quickbeam 21:02 13 Nov 2018

Had it got wet then...?

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