Police Dog footwear

  Grey Goo 13:33 08 Jul 2008

Seems Police Dogs will be required to wear boots if they have to enter a Mosque. As one wag was quoted as saying, "Will they be wearing Hush Puppies"

  last starfighter 13:40 08 Jul 2008

there's two sides to the coin here, with respect to muslims there Mosques are holy places & its not just the dogs that have to wear them EVERYONE has too one rule for all

it may come as a bit extreme to some but these may be nessisary in english church's or other places ..

  Clapton is God 14:12 08 Jul 2008

Will the dogs have to take their own prayer mats as well?

  €dstowe 16:07 08 Jul 2008

This has been done before but for different reasons. I remember that there was a spate once of putting police dogs off the trail by throwing down home made "stingers" - miniature versions of the things used by police to puncture car tyres consisting of what appear to be two bent nails welded together so that, no matter which way they land there is always a point facing upwards. The mini ones were made from dressmakers pins.

  spuds 16:52 08 Jul 2008

It wasn't all that long ago, when one police force was kitting out their dogs with protective headgear. Apparently being head-butted by an Alsatian is better than being bitten. A health and safety issue, I believe!.

The fire service sniffer dogs have had footwear for ages. Stops the dog getting its feet burnt or cut. Cannot recall a fire service sniffer dog, visiting a mosque yet though.

  johndrew 17:19 08 Jul 2008

"Will they be wearing Hush Puppies"

I think Hush Puppies used to be made from pig skin; not certain if this is still so.

  BT 17:26 08 Jul 2008

" its not just the dogs that have to wear them EVERYONE has too one rule for all"

I thought you had to take your shoes OFF when entering a Mosque.

  jack 17:37 08 Jul 2008

The association of CPO put up the idea it seems to respect the sensibilities of the Muslim community.
Who it was alleged consider dogs to be 'unclean'
When asked for an opinion a senior of the UK Muslim Council though the whole idea as barmy as the rest of us.
'Yes' he said 'Dogs licking them is unacceptable.'
Which goes for most folk I guess - very Yukky

  mrwoowoo 18:30 08 Jul 2008

A part of the etiquette of entering a mosque is as follows.
Shoes are removed before going into the prayer hall and put on the racks provided. Clean and presentable socks, stockings, or tights are therefore recommended.
Unless you are a dog apparently.

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