Police community support officers just knicked me!

  red3 20:04 09 Feb 2008

Damn i want to ask your oppinion's please on this as i am not sure where i stand?
riding my mountainbike on the road today & i crossed over the other side & went about 10-13 foot SLOWING down to a stop to dissmount my bike so i think i was in total 13 foot on the path, these "Police community support officers" was walking in front of me & although the path was empty & i was off my bike when they approached me asking me if i knew it was a offence to ride on the path,I stated i did know BUT i was "Clearly" dissmounting off my bike as its Obvioiusly safer to do it on the path then the road as its a VERY busy road & cars parked all the way down BOTH sides,they didnt accept it & gave me a £30 fine,NOW its realy not about the fine its about the point i made that i wasnt "Riding" on the path as they stated & they clearly knew this, is it worth me approaching my council about this,belive me its honestly not about the money..ITs the PRINCIPLE..!!
Please give me your thoughts on this...

  citadel 20:15 09 Feb 2008

they probably thought the only reason you got off was because you had seen them.

  Bingalau 20:16 09 Feb 2008

If you rode ten feet on the path, you are guilty as charged.. Just put it down to experience and forget it.. How I wish those Police Community Officers were as diligent in our area though.

  Earthsea 20:19 09 Feb 2008

If it's as you described then I think they were being a bit petty. Perhaps they have to meet a target or something. On the other hand, maybe they were bored. Write to your MP if you feel that strongly about it.

  bremner 20:25 09 Feb 2008

Write to your MP because you have been caught committing an offence!!!!!!!!! Can't see that getting you very far.

However small a distance you were cycling on the footway, as Bingalau says put it down to experience, pay the fine and don't cycle on a footpath, whatever the distance.

  sunny staines 20:27 09 Feb 2008

round here the pcso rides on the pavement too and no one enforces cycling on the footway laws i wish they would stop them around here and dish out strong words of advice.

  Monoux 20:38 09 Feb 2008

Same in my neck of the woods, people ride on the footpaths all the time and sometimes at speed. The local Plod and PCSOs ignore them. At night no lights, also ignored.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:58 09 Feb 2008

mainly because you were an easy target. But at least you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone to meet their performance target..:-(


  g0nvs 21:13 09 Feb 2008

You were nicked by "Jobsworths". Hardly the crime of the century.

  birdface 21:20 09 Feb 2008

Yes I am afraid you are guilty as charged,But you would probably got of with it if you had been Female,They would probably have chatted you up.told you a few jokes and sent you home with a smile on your face.But Sods law kicked in and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.It's at times like this that you have a very low opinion of the police force.But the first person you phone when in trouble is the Police.And it is a different story when they are kind and understanding and you wonder why can't they all be the same.Like the others I would just pay the fine and put it down to experiance.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:38 10 Feb 2008

Think yourself lucky that you were not frightened out of your wits and running from some plain clothed goons in the underground.


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