police commissioner elections

  passing through 20:15 04 Nov 2012

Do you think it is a good idea to have a commissioner of police instead of the old police authority. If the correct person is voted in, will they have the teeth and inclination to force chief constables to there way of thinking.

Or will you not be voting.

With a bit of luck our local candidate will sail in. http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Lord-Prescott-odds-favourite-PCC-role/story-17222944-detail/story.html

  WhiteTruckMan 21:34 04 Nov 2012

It doesn't matter if we think it a good idea or not, like most things it will happen no matter what we think.

I've seen what is being offered where I live, and pretty much as I expected it will be a party man who gets the job. It's because of that that I might seriously think about abstaining from voting, and thats a rare thing for me. Because I genuinely think that these commissioners posts will turn into sinecures for political has beens.

I've heard regret expressed by some politicians and commentators that more 'ordinary' people have not put their names foreward. Well perhaps the £5k deposit might have had something to do with it! At that price, I certainly couldn't afford to run.


  spuds 23:07 04 Nov 2012

I approached this subject a few months ago on the forum, and by the negative response, it would appear that not many members were interested.

Going on the subject of a deposit, just doesn't only stop there in respect of any 'private' individual taking part. Because it as been suggested, at least in my part of the woods, that a financial starting point would be in the region of £80.000 to cover the costs for administration and production of advertising material in getting the candidate known etc.

Also in my location, there would have been two non-party private individual's, one person selected by the Conservatives, and the final person was selected by the Labour party. No other representations from other political party's or individuals were made. It as finally come down to the fact that one of the private individual's as now withdrawn from the contest due to costs and lack of promised sponsorship. Both the other two candidates in the running are being political party funded and supported.

The thing that would concern me the most, is the fact that constabulary mergers are being proposed in the future, and if this was to go ahead, how would it leave the position of Police Commissioner or indeed Chief Constable ?.

  morddwyd 06:52 05 Nov 2012

"Or will you not be voting."

Won't be voting.

Up here We'll soon just have one police force, with a copper in charge, not some time served career politician looking for an inflated salary and pension, and no doubt another layer of bureaucracy to support his office.

  BT 09:12 05 Nov 2012

I'll probably vote, but it would be nice to know who I have the choice of. Not a single bit of information has come through my door yet. The candidates are listed online with their manifestos, and I think most people will probably do as they do in normal elections and vote on party lines, but looking at the candidates in my area the person I think most qualified is not from the party I would normally vote for. He has already experience in the area so would in my opinion be the most suitable for the post.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:48 05 Nov 2012

The, not insubstantial, money wasted on the introduction of PCCs could have been used, far more productively, keeping more coppers in their jobs.

  Woolwell 11:23 05 Nov 2012

I've looked online at those standing in my area (only one through the door). As far as I can tell none of them are time served career politicians looking for an inflated salary. The extra layer of bureaucracy is already there with the Police Authority which seems to consist of local councillors and others and without a great deal of transparency as to how they get the job. I am far from sure about the new system but it may well be better than what we already have. However the money spent on this election is questionable.

I am not sure that I want a retired copper who may have an axe to grind or have pre-conceived ideas.

  HondaMan 11:26 05 Nov 2012

Yet another layer of confusion, uncertainty and indecision.

  oresome 11:35 05 Nov 2012

I am not sure that I want a retired copper who may have an axe to grind or have pre-conceived ideas.

A fair point but in my area from memory, the one independent is a retired policeman and the two party candidates are both members of the existing governing body.

So they all fall down on your analysis!

Must admit I don't know how the present system works which I suppose is why the new system is being introduced to bring some transparency......in theory.

  spuds 12:01 05 Nov 2012

"I am not sure that I want a retired copper who may have an axe to grind or have pre-conceived ideas".

Personally I wouldn't think that there was much chance of that happening, because of the original 'heavy' financial burden of becoming a candidate. Especially if they attempted to 'go it alone'.

In the comments I made earlier, two individual's applied as 'Independents', because they wanted to keep the political party's 'out of it', but they found that their efforts have been reduced quite a lot, because it was all very new territory for them.

The remaining Independent candidate is very well known in the Asian and ethnic communities, and it would be very interesting to see if that increases any votes in their favour. If that person wins on commitment to serving all the public, which I see no reason why not, then I would be all for him. But I also wonder how long it will take, in doing the job he as indicated he wants to do, before obstructions or objections perhaps becomes evident?.

Of the other two 'political' candidates, one is an 'Assistant Deputy Mayor', with what I would regard as having little or no experience of running a police force, or anything else of this size without guidance. Yet the political party as made the decision to select this person, as the best candidate?.

The other political candidate appears to have great credentials, being an ex Air Chief Marshall and Commander-in-Chief in the RAF. When his name first appeared, it was clearly stated that he was not going to be governed by the political party, but more by the public. Interesting really, because since that original statement, things have gone very quiet on that intentions?.

  QuizMan 12:10 05 Nov 2012

I've got Boris Johnson whether I want him or not.

From the MyPCC website - "There are no elections for police and crime commissioners taking place in the area you have specified. The London Mayor is the police and crime commissioner for London. The Mayoral elections that were held earlier this year determined the police and crime commissioner for the London area."

That last bit passed me by when casting my vote this year.

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