the police chief

  ronalddonald 10:07 11 Mar 2010

has finally found out that

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Where has been for the lat couple of years sitting on his hands

  sunnystaines 11:15 11 Mar 2010

may be because they have been starved of funds for so long by brown and like the health service & teachers bogged down in endless paperwork and stats data.

  bri-an 11:56 11 Mar 2010

For goodness sake change the record and the attempts to throw every society problem at the same man.
The services you mention have been funded better than the other party ever did, so any problems are not always about cash, and besides, this particular failure was because of the priority (or not!) given to anti-social behaviour by some forces.

  Joseph Kerr 12:03 11 Mar 2010

Quite right bri-an.

  ronalddonald 12:29 11 Mar 2010

thinks its to do with the social breakdown of families and drug taking and drinking and gun crime have all played a part ye the police could of tackled anti social behavior a long time back like they use to in the 1970's and the 1980's

  Pine Man 12:55 11 Mar 2010

'The services you mention have been funded better than the other party ever did'

You clearly live in the same dream world, and wear the same rose tinted glasses, that George Brown and his 'Darling' do.

  Chegs ®™ 14:33 11 Mar 2010

Regarding anti-social behaviour in Cumbria,the police used a "Community Officer" who attended every report in this area and thus was able to compile a "picture" of just who & where the main problems were.The "Community Officer" would be moved to a different area or promoted,and the problems returned for a time...until the new "Community Officer" got to know the area.

I believe the biggest problem the public have with the police,is understanding that there are so many different types of police officer or departments within the force,all summoned via 999.

  interzone55 14:41 11 Mar 2010

Actually he's right.

During the last administration the Health Service, Police and Education have had more money thrown at them than ever before.

The problem is that most have the money has gone into patching up decades of neglect.

For instance my town is just about to start work on a new police station to replace the decaying 1960's monstrosity.
We've recently had a nice new hospital to replace the 1850's workhouse, plus several new neighbourhood health centres.

Over the next 3 years all the high schools will be rebuilt, to replace the asbestos strewn 1960's buildings.

None of this comes cheap.

Yes there's a lot of wastage on management and the debatable benefits of the common IT system, but a lot of the work is necessary.

  anchor 15:58 11 Mar 2010

After 10 years of harassment by yobs, a man is dead. Complaints to the Great Manchester police proved fruitless.

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  brindly 16:01 11 Mar 2010

Please remember it was John Majors government which bought in the Protection from HarassmentAct 1997. The problem is it is not used properly, at least not in my neck of the woods. I was served with a harassmenr notice based on unsubstantiated allegations which the police din't even investigate. The first I knew about it was when the police knocked on my door. When I asked him what I has been accused of he wouldn't tell me. He should have in order for me to be able to avoid what it was I was acussed of, we had to arrange a special meeting with the police to find out. They were such trivial things, everyday things you wouldn't even notice. This was pay back and the police helped her. This was not what the Act was meant for. It is still going on and we have challenged the police whether the serving of this notice was legal.

  bremner 16:09 11 Mar 2010

With the substantial cuts in funding the police will experience between 2011-2015 there needs to be a very serious debate on what policing style this country wants.

It is unlikely to be possible to have both high visibility uniform foot patrols, that provide a perception of safety and crime reduction, and a fast response to emergency and other calls for assistance. There will simply be insufficient police officers to do both.

Expect to see a reduction in police officers and an increase in under trained but much cheaper PCSO's. As they can be that visible uniform presence.

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