Police catching criminals at last ...

  Jak_1 17:23 28 Sep 2007

A shop owner has received a £200 for not displaying a no smoking sign in his company van! The driver is the only person to use the van and is a non smoker. He was stopped at a police checkpoint designed to catch work vehicles that contravene the new law!
The Shop/van owner had not received the guidelines and stickers that were supposedly supposed to have been sent out by the responsible authority for doing this, nor had shops next door to him received any also. He has signs in his shop but was unaware that he had to have them in the company van, nor were the other shop owners.
I’m glad to see that my tax is being well spent on catching these criminals, not! For heavens sake, we have kids being killed by gun carrying drug gangs but all the police can do is stop and fine people for going about their business just because they did not display a sticker in their van. What imbecile ordered this crackdown on criminal activity I wonder! Meanwhile these gunmen are still at large on our streets because the police are to busy catching criminals who don’t display a no smoking sign in a works vehicle.

Stop the world I want to get off!

  g0slp 17:28 28 Sep 2007

Yes, it's nice to see that the authorities have their priorities right...

  Jak_1 17:30 28 Sep 2007

Another rule designed to reap cash from motorists again or am I being cynical!

  Cymro. 17:30 28 Sep 2007

If it actually came to court then the Public Prosecution Service or whatever they are called have a lot to answer for. I just hope that the magistrate or whoever had the sense to through the case out and award costs to the shop owner.

  AI33 17:33 28 Sep 2007

Are the new sections in the highway code enforceable by law? If so, then the boys in blue will be down to considerable overtime.

They can now target those having a fag but if it is as good a deterrent as those using mobile phones while driving it'll be nigh on useless.

ex smoker who thinks this law is a bit daft.

  Curio 18:39 28 Sep 2007

Does this mean every Police Vehicle must display this warning in a highly visible location? Next question - do they?

  g0nvs 20:48 28 Sep 2007

Mugging, car theft & burglary are real crimes. I don't see much effort going in to tackling these problems. When will politicians ever learn.

  interzone55 21:04 28 Sep 2007

No the rules in the Highway Code are merely guidelines to show types of behaviour that could impair a driver.

It does mean that if someone causes an accident whilst lighting a cigarette or changing a CD then the police could use these guidelines to charge them with "driving without due care & attention"

  g0nvs 21:28 28 Sep 2007

What next ? Sat-Navs, Car Radio's, Manual Gearboxes, Wiper Switches..............................

  newman35 08:16 29 Sep 2007

Personally I would have liked to see cigarette smoking whilst driving being the same as use of mobiles. Having seen the effect on a driver who dropped the cig onto his own lap, the ensuing accident was terrible.

  wiz-king 08:52 29 Sep 2007

Nothing to do with the highway code, but the health and safety acts, a company vehicle is considered part of the companies premises and as such covered by the anti-smoking legislation.

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