Police Arrest Rates

  morddwyd 10:15 16 Oct 2009

There is a news story about the the police officer who has made the most arrests in a year,

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The small item that shocks me is

"The average arrest rate among all officers in England and Wales is only nine a year."

Bearing in mind that some of those will only be cautioned, and some will be acquitted, that figure, if accurate, is monstrous and actually not believable.

  johndrew 10:23 16 Oct 2009

A few months ago there was a story of a South African who joined the Police who was told he was making an excessive number of arrests. I think the officer concerned was in the north Lincolnshire area.

Given the amount of crime and anti-social behavior I would have thought the arrest rate per officer should have been much higher than 9 per annum.

  crosstrainer 12:00 16 Oct 2009

The low arrest rate has two common factors which influence it.

1) Huge amounts of needless paperwork that must be completed by the arresting officer(s) after the arrest.

2) The old "Not in the public interest" caveat applied by the Public Prosecutor's office.

Many crimes, as serious as they may be fall into the category above, and the police (often office bound due to the aforementioned paperwork mountain) simply do not proceed.

  wiz-king 13:10 16 Oct 2009

However you may have 20 or more police officers working on one case for weeks that leads to just one arrest.

  bremner 14:56 16 Oct 2009

Outside of terrorism, generally the only time you will have that number of officers working on one case is if that case is a murder or serial rape and even then 20 is probably unlikely.

  oresome 16:00 16 Oct 2009

Does Sgt Livingstone circumvent the obstacles you put forward somehow?

Perhaps he needs to take time off to show his colleagues how it's done. Problem is, the forces figures will take a nose dive whilst he's doing it.

  al's left peg 18:38 16 Oct 2009

If you believe the news,they are not really interested in arresting thugs who cause mothers to kill themselves and their disabled daughters by burning themselves alive. However they will sharp nick you if they spot you eating an apple at the wheel of your car.

One case is hard work, the other is easy.

  spuds 18:44 16 Oct 2009

A question for the officer making the most arrests. Who does all your paperwork?.

  Quiller. 20:48 16 Oct 2009

Would it not be better to have PCSO's doing the paperwork and police officers patrolling the streets.

If the offence/arrest was videoed/voice recorded, the PCSO's could make a rough draft just to be checked over and ammended. The booking in and report sheet could be done by those with limited powers, PCSO, while those with greater powers, police officers, could spend more time on the streets.

  badgery 07:18 17 Oct 2009

When I first saw the title, I thought "Who is this guy Rates, and what's special about him being arrested?

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