Pointless (TV Quiz)

  interzone55 19:30 06 Dec 2011

Does anyone watch this brilliant quiz show? I'm totally hooked.

The concept is this.

100 people are asked a question, the contestants must find the correct answer that was given by the least people.

What glues me to the program is the amazing gaps in the knowledge of some people.

One question today is a perfect example.

The one hundred people were given a list of world leaders from the 90's, they had to name the country they were in charge of.

99 people correctly identified George H.W. Bush was president of the US 92 people got Francois Mitterrand / France 90 people got Fidel Castro / Cuba Only 79 people identified Margaret Thatcher as the leader of the UK.

Really, what do people learn in school these days?

  Snec 19:34 06 Dec 2011

I never miss it, Alan. This Only Connect are my two favourites at the moment.

  Forum Editor 19:45 06 Dec 2011

Like lots of other people I'm usually working at 5:15 when this programme airs, so I've never seen it (or heard of it, come to that).

It sounds like fun.

  Aitchbee 19:47 06 Dec 2011

I have watched University Challenge since early Bamber Gasgoine days. "Bamber"?

Anyway, I will cut to the chase, educational standards have declined, somewhat.

Paxton derides the students who don't know the answer to a simple question.

Also Radio4's 'BRAIN OF BRITAIN' quiz has went downhill...'cos I can answer some of the questions correctly now. QED.

  canarieslover 19:52 06 Dec 2011

I have to agree it is compulsive watching. I also have been surprised many times by the public's responses. What seems to me to be an obvious answer, as in the Margaret Thatcher one today, is often not the case. Am I the one out of step, or are the 100 people asked???? Good, light-hearted television.

  Aitchbee 20:01 06 Dec 2011

I'm sorry ...Mr Paxon, I got befuddled about the spelling of your name. Can I be derided...or given a starter for ten?

  Armchair 20:06 06 Dec 2011

I usually watch it. I used to make a point of always watching Eggheads, but I've grown weary of that show now. Pointless is mostly entertaining, and I like the presenters, but it's slightly overlong for a forty-five minute show imo. I sometimes skip the first eight minutes where they chat to the contestants, the 'coveted' Pointless trophy looks a bit naff, and I wish they'd increase the basic jackpot prize (it's only £1000). I also sometimes switch it off before the end if I have no interest in the topic chosen for the final round.

Good show overall, but I wish they'd bring back 15 To 1.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:09 06 Dec 2011

Paxton may deride those who dont know the answers, but its easy to do when the answer is written on a card in front of you.

Also, any question is easy if you know the answer..


  Aitchbee 20:13 06 Dec 2011

Armchair - I would back up your sentiments 'bout 15 to 1. I like a rat-a-tat-tat quiz show, without any flannel.William G.Stewart was a great quizmaster.

  Grey Goo 20:18 06 Dec 2011

Thought it was Jeremy (Paxo) Paxman on Uni Challenge. Alexander Armstrong and his chum make the Pointless quiz with their repartee.

  Armchair 20:25 06 Dec 2011

but it's slightly overlong for a forty-five minute show imo.

Hmmm, that doesn't make much sense when I read it back to myself, lol. I meant to say that I think the show contains unnecessary padding to fill it's running time.

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