Pointless additions to Forum Titles

  wee eddie 12:48 02 Jul 2012

I don't, very often, make comments about the Forums but:

The addition of the word "Tech" to various Forum Titles seems pointless and destroys the clean appearance of the page.

  spuds 12:57 02 Jul 2012

Have to agree, this website is becoming to technical and overloaded ;o)

Pity the resources cannot be used in correcting existing problems, instead of perhaps introducing more!.

  chub_tor 12:58 02 Jul 2012

Just noticed them myself and was about to comment on the word Help in many of the titles and what is the difference between Help and Advice?

  Quickbeam 13:03 02 Jul 2012

Why haven't they added 'blather' to the Speakers Corner link?

  lotvic 13:15 02 Jul 2012

Agree, list looks jumbled now, especially the list at top of page that sometimes appears under the black bar (I don't mean the drop down list when hover cursor over 'Forums' although that looks crowded as well)

Time and effort would have been better spent sorting out existing problems and other parts that still don't work, like the PM icon next to forum names for instance.

  KRONOS the First 13:30 02 Jul 2012

It would be nice if instead of cosmetic changes more urgent problems could be sorted. I have just tried to post links to Chillblast PC's(2) and Arbico PC (2) and could not post yet the link to hwcompare did get through. Thread.

  Matt Egan 15:47 02 Jul 2012

Hi guys, this is embarassing as we were going to explain this before it went live today, but our ever eager dev team have beaten me to it.

The reason for the slight changes to the titles of the forums is simple, but important - it's to improve the visability of the forum in web search results. For instance: when first the forum was started, the internet was mostly populated by people interested in technology, so 'Helproom' would suffice as the name of a place to get tech help. That's no longer the case, so we're trying to make as obvious as possible the kind of information and assistance on offer, in order to both increase the number of people who find us, but just as importantly to prevent people coming to the forum and being disappointed because it isn't what they wanted to find. (Which is conversely why we didn't make any changes to the name of Speakers Corner - this forum is for regulars who simply wish to chat.)

I hope this makes sense, and you understand the change. I am, again, sorry it happened in this way.

We are looking into the issue with not being able to post links, which I suspect is something to do with the extra spam filters we had to put into place following the recent spam attack.

With regard to other problems on the forum, let me know specifically what ails, and I'll do my best to get them looked at.


  Nontek 16:07 02 Jul 2012

Matt Egan

I think I am correct in saying the the item which irks most of us regulars, is the MISSING ability to contact other members via email, as was the case in the 'old days'.

  Matt Egan 16:13 02 Jul 2012

Duly noted. Not sure why it isn't there, to be honest. Leave it with me.

  Nontek 16:15 02 Jul 2012

Great - I will 'watch-this-space' with interest.

  bremner 16:16 02 Jul 2012


A problem that has existed since the big change, that has been mentioned countless times, is that far too often when clicking on the last post time to access a thread you get only the original post and nothing else.

This always happens if the last post is the final one on a page.

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