denis93c 17:12 16 Apr 2006

i posted on helproom that i can not get the correct java configurition for pogo games,any ideas any one?
i have xp and norton 2006.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:25 16 Apr 2006

Have a look at this from EA Games:- click here

  denis93c 17:37 16 Apr 2006

oh dear,i have been in there for a week,there is no doubt i am stupid,because i am going round in circles.
i need more clarity.

  remind 17:49 16 Apr 2006

What bit are you stuck on? It covers pretty much everything...

  denis93c 18:10 16 Apr 2006

hi again,i have tried the old java,new java,what silly thing am i leavinf out.

  remind 18:12 16 Apr 2006

Can you post a link to your previous post? Are you getting any error messages? Its possible Norton is restricting things, it has scripting protection options which can interfere with some sites.

  remind 18:13 16 Apr 2006

Does this sound familiar ? click here

  denis93c 18:41 16 Apr 2006

i read that on your last thread,i think ,i am stupid on this subject,click here

  remind 19:25 16 Apr 2006

Thanks for the link;
Try these test pages.
Javascript; click here
Java; click here

May narrow things down

  denis93c 21:16 16 Apr 2006

one says 1.3 the other test says 1.4.2

  remind 21:27 16 Apr 2006

At the risk of saying something that's already been suggested, Java (i see you said in the other thread you had installed/removed various versions).
It's what I have installed on this system and I just tried `Checkers`; it worked fine, never used the site before.
Java click here
If you still have the same problems (run the Java test again to make sure it reports too) then it sounds like Norton is getting in the way - is there a list of trusted sites you can add somewhere that will stop Norton interfering? Sorry, I'm not all that familiar with Norton AV or Internet Security Suite, I use Avast.

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