Poem for those new to computers.

  Sapins 10:09 07 Dec 2014

Maybe someone hasn't seen this!

This Poem made me smile.

The computer swallowed Grandma, Yes, honestly its true! She pressed 'control and 'enter' And disappeared from view. It devoured her completely, The thought just makes me squirm. She must have caught a virus Or been eaten by a worm. I've searched through the recycle bin And files of every kind; I've even used the Internet, But nothing did I find. In desperation, I asked Mr. Google My searches to refine. The reply from him was negative, Not a thing was found 'online.' So, if inside your 'Inbox,' My Grandma you should see, Please 'Copy, Scan' and 'Paste' her, And send her back to me.

This is a tribute to all the Grandmas & Grandpas, Nannas & Pops, who have been fearless and learned to use the Computer......... They are the greatest!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 07 Dec 2014


  spuds 12:49 07 Dec 2014

"They are the greatest!!!"

And perhaps most patient :O)

  lotvic 16:17 08 Dec 2014

Sapins you impertinent youth - bet you don't know how to suck eggs.

  Sapins 21:16 08 Dec 2014

lotvic, youth! youth indeed.

I'll have you know my next birthday will be my 77th. although I do feel youthful, can't act like it though.

  lotvic 22:08 08 Dec 2014

Sapins, :D

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