P.M.'s farewell trip

  sunny staines 08:36 29 May 2007

Should the tax payer being paying for all this. And worst of all Mr Prescott who has not achieved anything to travel to W.I., USA & Canada with a team of staff on a farewell trip too.

  rezeeg 10:00 29 May 2007

From the BBC site "BBC political correspondent Robin Brant said that with a G8 summit approaching, Mr Blair wants to remind the world's richest industrialised nations that they have commitments on Africa which they must live up to."

J.Prescott - !! say no more.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:23 29 May 2007

Who says they're comming back?

  lisa02 15:33 29 May 2007

If you had the opportunity to spend your employers' money on a "working" holiday I think you'd take it.

I recently was reading about the over-payments the Tax Credits system made last year. According to rules most of it will be written off as unrecoverable. £46,000,000 in Northern Ireland alone!

As someone who did not receive an overpayment I'm a bit miffed!!! (Just joking, I do not want more than what I'm entitled to)

  johndrew 15:35 29 May 2007

I wonder how many commercial organisations would permit swan song junkets like this. It wouldn`t be so bad if they hadn`t formally said they were going and hence anything they said could be brushed aside - unless of course they are acting on Gordon`s bidding(?).

  Belatucadrus 15:42 29 May 2007

Since the alternative is having them here in the UK, I regard it as money well spent and will be organising a whip round to drum up enough cash so that the vacations may be extended indefinitely.

  Cymro. 15:45 29 May 2007

I assume there is a set of rules about who pays a prime ministers travel expenses for

such trips. I doubt very much is these rules have been broken. If they have then the

press would soon find out and would make a big fuzz about it. I dare say T.B. only gets

what he is entitled to, just like every other prime minister. What ever we think of T.B.

I doubt if he would be daft enough defraud the system as he would never get away with it.

  sunny staines 16:23 29 May 2007

I pay a lot in tax and resent the way a lot of it is wasted, when so much could be spent elsewhere getting priority matters sorted. I would like to see a review of money that mp's waste and the rules tightened up.

  Cymro. 17:23 29 May 2007

Yes I completely agree, the problem seems to be that it would have to be the M.P.s

themselves who would have to vote for such changes. I don`t see them changing the present

system any time soon, turkeys voting for Christmas etc. I don`t think so.

  johndrew 19:49 29 May 2007

`.. T.B. only gets what he is entitled to ..`

I`m not sure he is `entitled` to waste taxpayers` money. I can see no good reason for him to be flying all over the world at this time in his career.

There may be an argument for getting him out of the country but again it`s a balance of benefit.

  ulrich 20:27 29 May 2007

Of this government. Waste the taxpayers money.

Mr Blair how am I meant to respect you?

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