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PM and senior staff get official aircraft

  TopCat® 00:06 19 Nov 2015

Well, at least this converted Voyager 330 shouldn't encounter any low fuel problems. Details are at ]here1

  spuds 11:22 19 Nov 2015

Talking of airmiles, I wonder how many of our aviation forum member's have travelled the route to SEA and beyond, in an old 707 or VC10 with all the hours and stop-overs attached to that journey. Ho happy days!.

If the PM and his staff were to travel that way nowadays, he wouldn't have time to get back for the weekly session of Prime Ministers Question Time ;O)

  LastChip 13:11 19 Nov 2015

Make no mistake, these people are now high level targets.

Imagine the propaganda that the IS would make out of taking out a good proportion of the UK cabinet, or a few of the Royals.

Although in general, I don't have much time for politicians, in this instance, I have no problem with it.

Providing it's not abused, it's (in my view) entirely sensible. If as they claim, it saves money as well (and it should), then that's a bonus.

What I'd object to, is if the Royals (just for example), used it as holiday transport in the name of security. Use it for official duties only, and as far as I'm concerned, that's fine.

  Forum Editor 13:13 19 Nov 2015


A sensible post - I agree.

  oresome 13:40 19 Nov 2015

I would think John Bercow has already booked it for next seasons jaunts

  Forum Editor 15:36 19 Nov 2015


Why? He's not a member of the government.

  oresome 17:06 19 Nov 2015

Bercow used a Foreign Office car to attend a funeral in Manchester.

I don't believe he's a member of the F.O. either.

  VCR97 19:02 19 Nov 2015


I did three trips to/from Singapore in Handley Page Hermes civvy charter flights flying at about 250 knots, I think. Fond(?) memories of night stops at Minwalla's Grand Hotel outside Karachi.

  john bunyan 19:28 19 Nov 2015

I flew from Blackbush (Eagle Airways) on a MOD charter to Singapore in, I think, a Brittania. Stopped a couple of times including Colombo - took a long time. This was in about 1963 en route to Sarawak / Malaysia with RM during confrontation.

  spuds 12:14 20 Nov 2015

"Imagine the propaganda that the IS would make out of taking out a good proportion of the UK cabinet,"

Not so much IS, but another terrorist group attempt. Land, sea or air, if there is a will, there might be a where click here

  LastChip 12:36 20 Nov 2015

Yes, I remember it well spuds. And that's the problem for the security services. They can't be everywhere, so they have to rely on intelligence.

It was the IRA at that time who said; "we only have to be lucky once" and on that occasion, they were, although they claimed they weren't. I guess they considered it a failure as they only killed 5 people and only one of those was an MP.

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