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PM and senior staff get official aircraft

  TopCat® 00:06 19 Nov 2015

Well, at least this converted Voyager 330 shouldn't encounter any low fuel problems. Details are at ]here1

  spuds 00:30 19 Nov 2015

I suppose, if you have you own aircraft on standby, then it might solve a few problems.

But at the same time, the cost of this sort of 'extras' was once raised, and even Royalty had to travel by commercial means, to save public funds:O(

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  Quickbeam 05:33 19 Nov 2015

This has been a controversial subject for years, but in the light of today's world, it's as necessary as armoured ministerial cars that we've had for decades without any fuss.

  Al94 05:34 19 Nov 2015

One has to assume that heightened security precautions are an unspoken factor in this decision.

  mole1944 06:07 19 Nov 2015

If you have an official plane it does rather make you a target,if however you use commercial one at random who know what plane your on.

  Aitchbee 10:25 19 Nov 2015

Ah ... but has it got a fireplace?

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  Forum Editor 10:31 19 Nov 2015

It's easier to ensure the security of an RAF aircraft than it is to do the same for chartered planes.

The published figures show that this aircraft would enable a net saving over the existing policy, and provided that the case - full transparency is a must - I think it's an excellent plan.

  morddwyd 10:33 19 Nov 2015

We're all in this together!

It has nothing to do with security, and more to do with luxury.

An RAF transport in standard fit taking off from Brize Norton is pretty secure, and could take the complete Cabinet and their entourage.

What's wrong with the Royal Squadron? It's good enough for the Queen.

  john bunyan 10:40 19 Nov 2015

What's wrong with the Royal Squadron? It's good enough for the Queen

Good point - I thought that it was used by the government - if not, why not? Mind you, Cameron would have to find a slot between Airmiles Andy and Charles..

  Forum Editor 10:51 19 Nov 2015

"What's wrong with the Royal Squadron? It's good enough for the Queen."

But it doesn't have an aircraft with enough long-haul range, which is why the queen has used commercial flights in the past - at very considerable cost.

  flycatcher1 10:56 19 Nov 2015

The Royal Squadron only has relatively short range aircraft. It is about time that this country had a decent aircaft for use by the Governent.

Margaret Thatcher's first flight as PM was in a Queen's Fight Andover. She was not impressed but was delighted with the VIP VC10 (and so she should). LHR to Moscow - Happy Days.

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