PM (millionaire)says it morally wrong (tax avoidance)

  Chegs ®™ 01:00 21 Jun 2012

I'm pretty sure the PM will have accountants who's remit will include reducing his tax bill,so for him to publicly state that "tax avoidance,though legal is morally wrong" must be hoping that these celebrities will hear him & decide "Oh,its morally wrong so I'll cough up big wedges of my earnings" I very much doubt it Mr Cameron,they're much more likely to decide,sod the UK & depart for elsewhere taking their money with them.I also expect that Jimmy Carr will use this statement from the PM as the basis for some humourous sketch or joke,that Gary Barlow & other members of the band will setup home in the USA(probably in the same suburb as the Beckhams)

If you were extremely well off,what would you do?

I would find another country to live in,where the weather is nicer more often & only return to the UK for family visits.

  carver 06:45 21 Jun 2012

I think it is so two faced that some one like the PM has a go at Jimmy Carr yet has this man Philip Green as the government's efficiency advisor, and half his cabinet do not pay all the tax they have to just by using legal means to avoid paying tax.

And as for your question , yes if I was that wealthy I would consider moving to save money, why pay more tax than you have too.

  daz60 07:15 21 Jun 2012

That the 'Janus' face of authority casts his "moral" opprobrium on people who legally avoid paying full taxation just takes hypocrisy to another level, as Prime Minister he is in a position to abolish those loopholes used by the few,individuals and corporations, to impoverish the many (by that i mean the few have access to means denied to the many who eventually pay the price).

In times of economic stress the rich are always first to protect their deposits,so the second part of your statement would be to know the level of capital flight from this and euro zone countries,should make for some surprising figures.

  daz60 07:19 21 Jun 2012


I would not live elsewhere but follow the practice of having my wealth offshore digitally travelling around the globe garnering the greatest return so the GOV cannot get it.

  spuds 07:40 21 Jun 2012

Don't forget "We are all in this together", or at least that is what we are being constantly told.

But I wonder behind closed doors how many of our law maker's actually believe this, and are doing the exact same as Jimmy Carr and many other wealthy people?.

Perhaps totally off subject, but our tax laws want revising urgently. Recently a very wealthy person gave a substantial amount of money for funding an hospital project. What took the sweetness out of that public spirited event, was when he received a further bill for a heavy amount for vat on the building work. I do believe at least one MP is looking into this?.

  spuds 07:49 21 Jun 2012

Perhaps what I should have made clearer, was the fact that people can use tax avoidance, yet someone supporting a possible much needed public project was possibly penalised for his contribution and faith.

It just doesn't make sense!.

  carver 08:26 21 Jun 2012

fourm member the biggest hypocrite possible, one man condemning another for doing some thing that is legal and then has the cheek to call it morally wrong, yet these bunch of hypocritical miscreants have spent years fleecing the public purse by claiming expenses that they were not entitled to and thought it was their right because they are members of parliament.

At least Jimmy Carr does earn his money and legally has not done any thing wrong and until he does some thing illegal then Cameron should keep his mouth shut or make his own people pay every bit of tax they are avoiding.

  spuds 09:40 21 Jun 2012

I see Jimmy Carr as stated in latest media reports, "that he had made a terrible mistake". It was also possibly mentioned that he was going to do something about it.

What I have also noticed this morning, is how certain people, including one if not more MP's have jumped on the bandwagon about all this.

Will we be hearing the very same story in twelve months time. Not being a betting person, but I could perhaps lay odds on a bet that we will!.

  rickf 09:45 21 Jun 2012

How many Tory MPs and their rich donors are now trembling over this coming to bite them on their fat behinds?This is going to make entertaining reading for the next few weeks. Tonight's Question Time would be interesting.

  spuds 09:57 21 Jun 2012

I doubt if they will be any trembling. Its just another day in the office for some :O)

  john bunyan 10:26 21 Jun 2012

It seems to have worked See Jimmy Carr

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