PM Complains About Long PMQs

  morddwyd 07:38 05 Nov 2015

Mr Cameron complains that PMQs is getting overlong

click here there something about heat and kitchens ..............?


  Forum Editor 08:17 05 Nov 2015

I doubt that any Prime Minister relishes the thought of The Wednesday session, although Margaret Thatcher often appeared to enjoy the experience.

  Forum Editor 11:55 05 Nov 2015


"I suspect the general public are 'switching off' from this weekly charade."

PMQ gets a small audience, it always has. It's not something that the average person has much interest in. When there's a change of Prime Minister or a new opposition leader, the audience is much bigger but it's no threat to Coronation street. Jeremy Corbyn's first PMQ got an audience of just over a million.

You call it a charade, but it serves a purpose. It's a unique opportunity for the opposition to make the government uncomfortable, and expose weaknesses.That's the job of an opposition party after all.

The yelling and shouting can be irritating, but it's not going to stop. I've been in the public gallery for a PMQ, and I have to say it was an interesting experience.

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