Plus Net - Speed upgrade and Fair usage

  Rigga 11:39 16 Feb 2005

Plus net are introducing a fair usage policy along with a free speed increase, to be rolled out from April.

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I for one think this is a great idea. It's about time that ISP's stopped the few people who do download huge amounts of data from clogging the network.

I myself work from home, connected to my office using VPN through my ADSL line. So I am connected and using my ADSL for around ten hours everyday. My work involves uploading and downloading, database and code updates all the time.

However I think the most data I have downloaded in one month is around 9 gig, which I think included several games demo's at half a gig each. (Outside work hours of course)

There have already been lots of complaints on the Plus Net forums about this new policy.

What I would like to know is, what exactly are people downloading to reach over 30gig each and every month, I mean some people on the PN forum are claiming they use 120gig a month, and that they are not heavy users!, what are they downloading??? (Appart from the obvious.. movies!!)

and if they are downloading 120gig a month, I mean even if 10gig of this is internet web page traffic, how and where are they storing over 100gig of data every month, does everyone now own data servers in the terabyte range, am I really that far behind the times :).

On a more general note, there seems to be a lot of fair usage policies coming into force with various ISP's of late.

What does everyone think? good idea?, bad idea?


  georgemac © 13:17 16 Feb 2005

that looks to me to be an excellent idea and excellent deal - £18.99 for I assume the fastest connection your line will support and a 22 Gbyte limit

this is fantastic compared to my wanadoo 512K 2 Gbyte (I have never exceeded this limit)

as wanadoo did not provide the free upgrade speed to current customers, and they have a wanadoo advert on the free webspace on your website homepage, I will be migrating at the end of my 12 month contract. I will compare at the time but plus net looks good.

  herc182 21:23 16 Feb 2005

to be using that much bandwidth (which will include what you download and what you UPLOAD) means they are using bit torrent. downloading games, movies, music, porn etc....
thats the only way i see it can be achieved

  herc182 21:29 16 Feb 2005

so hang on a minute....

i am a plus net customer with a 512kb connection. they are saying that i can upgrade to 2mb connection for free at the price of a capped service during peak hours, and an uncapped service overnight?

  Indigo 1 21:47 16 Feb 2005

Have come up with a smilar idea and they claim to be the first on the net to do it.

It seems that ISP's are waking up to the fact that some people use more bandwidth than others and should be charged accordingly.

I think they are both good deals, F9 are going to up the speed of all DSL lines to as fast as they can go for no extra charge, I was thinking of upgrading soon but now I won't need to.

  Indigo 1 21:48 16 Feb 2005

Forgot the link click here

  herc182 22:04 16 Feb 2005

why do f9 look identical to plusnet? the website is exactly the same....

  Rigga 08:36 17 Feb 2005

herc182, yep that's about the jist of it, but I think the upgrade will be automatic, starting in April, you won't have to ask for an upgrade! good eh!

PlusNet PLC own the trading names PlusNet, Force9 and FreeOnline.

I found this also about PlusNet, anyone for 8mbps? > click here < for only £14.99!!!


  herc182 18:42 17 Feb 2005


  JayDay 10:45 19 Feb 2005

PlusNet's pricing is on how much fair usage cap you want and not the speed. You will be connected to the fastest you can get.

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