Please sort out the cookie problem on this website

  Clapton is God 10:03 14 Mar 2019

Every 30 seconds the Cookie message keeps popping up - in spite of me having managed my preferences innumerable times this morning.

And each time the message pops up, my preferences have yet again reverted to the default setting.

  amonra9 18:06 17 Mar 2019

yes, click on "Save and exit" but still comes back.... grrrrrrr

  john bunyan 18:46 17 Mar 2019

Yes; still a problem on IE ( ok on iPhone on Safari) . So annoying it is curtailing my viewing

  martd7 22:19 17 Mar 2019

Comes up on my phone using Chrome but not on the PC using Chrome

  LastChip 20:59 20 Mar 2019

Is this still an issue for everyone, or is it just me?

The problem is, the banner is so obtrusive, it takes up about 25% of the available screen space.

  Forum Editor 23:03 20 Mar 2019

It's not happening for me any more in Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

  LastChip 23:20 20 Mar 2019

Based on your feedback FE, I just reset the cookies and it's still the same with the banner popping up on every page change. Firefox 65.0.1.

So other members please, am I alone or are you still getting this?

  Menzie 00:02 21 Mar 2019

I'm in Britain for a brief visit and all of a sudden I now get the cookies pop-up.

It isn't just for this site but every single site I visit and it never seems to remember the settings. I'm using Firefox on Android.

This never popped up when browsing in Canada.

  john bunyan 16:29 21 Mar 2019

Still here on IE 12. Very slow to load due to long running script and it ignores my "Got it" entry Page so slow to load - annoying.

  bremner 17:01 21 Mar 2019


It is because of new EU wide legislation (GDPR). I cannot explain why it does nor remember you unless you ave the device set to no cookies.

  KEITH 1955 20:12 21 Mar 2019

I use edge and I only get the cookie banner after the first time I have used ccleaner

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