Please read all the posts before answering a query

  Valvegrid 18:19 07 Dec 2004

I notice quite a number of threads have good advice given to help someone, only to be repeated further down the thread in a different format. It is obvious the person posting has not read all the previous posts before answering. It could confuse rather than help.


  Dorsai 18:28 07 Dec 2004

But on the other hand, seeing the same advice given by more than one person does tend to suggest that the advice is good, and perhaps even correct.

But if you are posting it certianly helps to say,

'I agree with valve grid, i think it is probably a good idea to read the other posts before saying what has already been said'

  spikeychris 18:44 07 Dec 2004

To be honest I don't post to a thread that has lots of replies.

  Valvegrid 18:57 07 Dec 2004

I agree, but because you can get the same result in Windows using more than one approach, why post more than is necessary, I think that is confusing, especially for a novice.

  pj123 18:02 08 Dec 2004

Valvegrid, that isn't strictly true. I have responded to threads but by the time I have typed up my suggestion, checked it for spelling, accuracy etc and then posted it (which is very slow) two others have already beaten me to it.

So, is it better to have a few good suggestions or none at all because we are all frightened that someone else will get there before us?

  Cook2 20:44 08 Dec 2004

Ah, but Valvegrid, I've seen threads where the person states they are a 'novice' or 'new to computing', and this has been overlooked, because the answer they get, although correct, could be way over their heads. If I know of a simple or easier solution then I'll post my alternative.

I've also been in the same position as pj123 for the same reasons or have forgotton to 'refresh'.

  Dorsai 18:20 09 Dec 2004

That is true, but have to agree with PJ123, somtime when i have finally finished typing what i want, someone else has come up with roughtly the same suggestion, but posted it before me.

But like Spikychris, i tend to leave the those with multiple replys alone, partly because any suggestion i may have has already been suggestd, but also as i will only muddy the waters further.

  spikeychris 19:22 09 Dec 2004

spikeychris NOT Spikychris!!! If I had a pound for every time I see Spikychris I could hang me boots up.

Not having a go Dorsai ;)

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