Please, Please, back up your data

  pj123 16:53 07 Aug 2004

How many times do we have to say this.

Just had a PC in for repair (doesn't boot), the only thing of any importance on the hard disk were the digital photo's. All I was told that the mains plug was pulled out while the computer was switched on. I have tried my hardest to retrieve the files on this hard drive but it seems to have been trashed completely. Ufortunately, he is now on holiday for 2 weeks so he won't know until he comes back that his PC is useless.

  Sapins 17:19 07 Aug 2004

Hi pj123, glue your hair back on and take a deep breath. Isn't that better?

Or you could try this click here

Click on "Wherever you are" choose English and then click on PC Inspector. I used this to recover all the files on my hard drive when I could not even open them.

Hope I'm not teaching Grandma!



  pj123 17:52 07 Aug 2004

Sapins, thank you for your input. I speak German and having looked at your link I find it very good for standard recovery. But (as it says) if the hard disk is not found in the BIOS it is of no use.

  cga 18:13 07 Aug 2004

I agree but I think that half of the problem is that most inexperienced users go with the windows defaults and put all their data in the same partion as there system.

This gives 2 problems:
1. Backup is very daunting because they find it difficult what to select for 'frequent' backup.
2. Any system problem and they often endup destroying data as part of their efforts.

If there is one thing that I always advise, that is to have a separate partition for the data and back up that partition really regularly. If you do thisw then a system backup monthly or before and after changing any setup should be fine.

  zootmo 18:49 07 Aug 2004

Why not get hold of some decent CD/DVD "burning" software and backup with that? You can do this by separating data onto a separate partition and just back the partition up. It's a cheap option, or at least make a new folder and link your pictures/documents to the new folder?

Done this way you will only need to backup one folder and the folders/applications within that folder (if you can see what I mean) and there's your backup done!

This method has an added bonus in that a decent CD/DVD software suite you can get the burned disc verified against the data which is on your machine.

  james55 22:33 07 Aug 2004

Backing up Data is of course important, as pj123 has already said.

More important anything you really want to keep should be back up more than once.

IE. I back up on a second Hard Drive, CD and now DVD.

It might sound over the top, but I go to a very lot of trouble to collect my Digital Photos and no way do I want to lose them.
In the old days we used to call it Father. Son and Grandfather and only had one Media to use.



  james55 22:36 07 Aug 2004

PS. sorry about the echo.


  georgemac 09:03 08 Aug 2004

I do the same as you, backup to 2nd hard drive daily (automatic), and occassionally to dvd.

I would also hate to lose my digital photos.

  pj123 11:45 08 Aug 2004

zootmo, My computers are backed up to two different sets of CD/RWs daily, and then transferred to CDR once a month. My main hard disk C: only has the operating system plus programmes on it. All other data is saved initially on to a second hard drive D: So if my C: drive packs up I don't lose anything. Costs a bit for CDs but nothing like the £465 I have just been quoted to recover the data of the PC that is the subject of this thread. That's of course, if it can be recovered in the first place. Hopefully he will now get the message and, once his PC is back in working order, he will back up his data in future.

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