please pay your respects to the fallen

  KEITH 1955 18:43 09 Nov 2018

I don't care what colour you are or what religion you are. I don't care what country you or your relatives live/lived in. I don't think it even matters what conflict you or your relatives where involved in. Please pay your respects on Sunday , why ? ….. because you can only die once and without people making the ultimate sacrifice you might not be reading this , thank you.

  alanrwood 18:51 09 Nov 2018

I'm with you on this.

  john bunyan 19:01 09 Nov 2018

I’ll be at a ceremony on Sunday at a former military place , with a band and last post bugler . Will wear my old green beret etc and will think of family members, friends, comrades and all who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is not their fault that some wars were difficult to justify.

  Menzie 19:24 09 Nov 2018

I always have been, I was partially raised in the Caribbean. One of my earliest childhood memories is every Remembrance Day a marching band would march through the town along the main road. We lived close to the end of the route. When they got to the end of the route a minute of silence took place.

Here is an article on Jamaica during the Great War.

Here in Canada there is a parade in most of the cities and towns as well as the minute of silence. Leading up to the actual day the LCD displays on buses display the message "Lest we Forget."

  john bunyan 20:01 09 Nov 2018

What about this guy’s views?


  Belatucadrus 20:37 09 Nov 2018

What about this guy’s views?

I have an opinion on this person and his views, but if I expressed it on this forum, FE would have to remove it.

Presumably we now begin the interminable wait before Jezza is forced to apologise yet somehow does it without actually condemning him, disagreeing with him in any significant manner or doing anything concrete to censure him.

  Aitchbee 20:38 09 Nov 2018

What about this guy’s views?

Who is he? Is he someone important? I've never heard of this guy.

Have you got something against Corbyn, jb. You never fail to mention him in your posts ... it's getting monotonous.

  Aitchbee 20:52 09 Nov 2018

... furthermore jb, making cheap political points particularly when MJS intimated against such, is not appropriate.

  john bunyan 21:16 09 Nov 2018


Thanks for your comments. As this is a thread about Remembrance Day I will refrain from continuing, but yes, I as a one time Labour voter think Corbyn would put this country into a total disaster. Maybe switch back to the OP thread

  john bunyan 21:22 09 Nov 2018

Also, HB, I did not mention Corbyn, merely pointed out someone whose views were in contrast to how most people feel about the day

  Aitchbee 21:22 09 Nov 2018

jb, you are a topman!

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