Please may we have one as well

  wiz-king 10:24 16 Dec 2012

Adverts at the same volume as the programs.

  interzone55 10:41 16 Dec 2012

It's supposed to be the case already - Channel 5 and ITV have been censured for this in the past.

I can't comment on Satellite TV, as I never watch it, but I have a feeling that what the channels do now is dip the volume of the TV show slightly as it's coming up to an ad break, and so they can claim that the adverts are at the same volume as the program.

  Nontek 10:46 16 Dec 2012

It would certainly have my vote - another which I find extremely annoying is the 'advert' current running on BBC where lots of different sports are shown, complete with their accompanying noises, split into tiny fragments of video, which does my eyes no good, and at high volume too. I always turn off the sound and look away when this one appears.

  spuds 10:53 16 Dec 2012

I am in full agreement regarding volume control, because whoever came up with the idea of changing the volumes suddenly do not understand hearing aids and how some of them perform :O(

  Forum Editor 11:06 16 Dec 2012

I'm with you on this.

My wife smiles as I sit there, remote in hand, ready to douse the volume when the ad breaks come. The volume increase infuriates me - it's as if the TV companies are saying 'we're going to treat you like children, and whack up the volume, in case you miss the fact that the ads have started'.

  Bing.alau 11:13 16 Dec 2012

Some programs watched on Catch-up TV don't have adverts which is a Godsend and might be worth thinking about. Other programs I watch are sometimes recorded so that I can fast forward the adverts when I am watching later. But like everybody else I hate the surges in volume. I also wear a hearing aid.

  BT 12:28 16 Dec 2012

Years ago when I had an Analogue Digibox it had Automatic Volume control . Useful for overloud ads but a bit annoying when it ramped up the volume on quiet bits with the accompanying increase in 'noise', and you couldn't turn it off.

I've got a feeling that my current Virgin box has an AVC option but I don't have it switched on. The really annoying thing with Virgin is the VERY LOUD trailers when you are navigating through the menus to access the Catch Up TV etc.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:52 16 Dec 2012

Analogue Digibox? Would that be analogous to a digibox?


  Brumas 12:55 16 Dec 2012

I am in total agreement and thank heavens there is a mute button on the remote control!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 16 Dec 2012

My TV was supposed come with "automatic volume control" needless to say it does seem to work.

I agree whole heartedly with this law and can we come up with another to limit the number of ad breaks during a program.

at present seems to be - 5 min at start, another 5 mins after 10 mins of program, 10 mins later 5 more mins of ads, one more break after 10 mins, and 5 more mins of program and an ad break leaving 2 mins to end the program.

I find watching in real time difficult as I seem to lose the plot with all the breaks , so now record the programs and use the skip button to make things easier.

  csqwared 16:32 16 Dec 2012


Your post made me smile as I have exactly the same in our house, wife chuckling as I hover, poised with the remote. I have also noticed that the local news (Look North) programme seems to be broadcast at a higher volume to the BBC news.

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