please help NIP SPEED CAMERA

  muzzy-1441934 23:37 23 Apr 2010

a friend of mine who asked to borrow my van to move some stuff and he is a foreing in this country, and i lend it to him all i know its his name and his address is abroad in africa which he told me he was leaving that was 2 days after he borrowed the van, and the van is insured to be driven by any driver who is at the age of 25 or over and he is in his 30s, a week later i have recived the NIP and when i asked his where about i managed to get his contacts and his phone number back home and i called him to let him know what has happened, he has informed me he dont remember going through that road, and i cant say whether he is telling the truth or not but i know and am 100% i was no driving that day as i went to visit my mother who is not i realy dont know what to do i have his address in africa and his full name and telephone number, and the camera i went to have a look it took the picture of the rear of the van as its a gatso...i doubt it it will prove who was driving but i am sure its him and he is no longer in this country..any suggestions would be appriciated thank you

  Mr Mistoffelees 23:46 23 Apr 2010

I think the only thing you can do is inform the DVLA that it was him driving and put his details on the form.

  muzzy-1441934 23:58 23 Apr 2010

Its the metropolitant police and the only details i have of him is the abroad what am concerned about will they accept it

  ronalddonald 00:21 24 Apr 2010

muzzy where was he staying whilst he was in the UK i would put the ?UK details on the NIP.,

  Forum Editor 08:18 24 Apr 2010

Requires you to provide the Police with details of the person who was driving your vehicle at the time of the alleged offence.

If you do not do so, you may be prosecuted for an offence yourself, and the penalty can be worse than that for the speeding offence.

The camera image doesn't have to identify the driver - that's for you to do. If you have this man's full name and address, provide it to the Police - never mind what the man in Africa says about whether he drove past the camera or not.

  Al94 08:32 24 Apr 2010

This is a useful site for problems of this nature, try the forums there click here

  birdface 11:08 24 Apr 2010

Now the problem is did he have a Uk driving license.
If not and they will check and you could be in for a few more problems.
If not sure best just paying the fixed penalty fine.

  spuds 11:27 24 Apr 2010

Be very careful on how you deal with this matter. Contact the establishment (Metropolitan Police!)that sent the letter to you, and provide them with the information that you consider is true. Do this as an urgency, because there is a time limit.

I would also check that your insurance is for 'any driver' because this is not always the case, and you could be involved with 'other offences', if all is not correct.

Some cameras nowadays are extremely good, and may well show a drivers image.

  Pine Man 11:51 24 Apr 2010

Foreign visitors do not need a UK driving licence.

spuds - is insurance IS for any driver.

As has been said all you have to do is, honestly, provide all of the genuine information that you have for the driver and leave the rest to the MPD.

  spuds 12:05 24 Apr 2010

Can you confirm that his insurance IS for any driver?.

What a person may think, and what actually IS, can be a whole different ball game, especially after the event and checks are made.

  folsom 12:08 24 Apr 2010

And does anyone think for one moment the Met. will accept this explanation?,if so there will be hundreds if not thousand's who will use this as a way of avoiding a speeding fine.

" Oh it was Mustapha driving that day he lives in Africa" I don't think so.

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