Please be very wary

  Forum Editor 23:30 07 Jan 2005

of any emails purporting to relate to lost children (or adults) in areas affected by the recent tsunami disaster. There are suddenly hundreds of hoax messages in circulation, and many of them contain viruses - particularly those which include attachments described as images from the disaster areas. Please don't distribute such mail, or attempt to publish details on the forum.

No bona-fide aid agency would distribute or originate such mail under any circumstances.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 23:55 07 Jan 2005

its sick that people are using this disaster as an oppurtunity to spread viruses,and make a bit of easy money.just why they do it?

  Kev.Ifty 23:56 07 Jan 2005

In my humble opinion. The internet, although the most sophisticated and upto date form of communication we have today.Is not the medium to use.

If one wishes to make a contribution to the effort regarding the Indian Ocean Disaster.......... Go to Oxfam or Save The Children.

You CANNOT do better.

If you have no cash to give then give items to the shops that they can sell!

It is that simple!!

Go to your Bank to donate or one of the Charity shops. DO NOT Donate online or entertain any E-Mail's or the like, it ain't worth the risk of being conned.


  james55 01:13 08 Jan 2005

But true what FE has said, in truth any e-mail that you receive and have no prior knowledge of should be consigned to the bin.


  watchful 08:16 08 Jan 2005

It's sad but true that the despicable ones are now using e-mail to collect cash for themselves.

Don't be tempted. Bin them.

As already said, use your bank for donations or reliable charities like The Red Cross or Oxfam.

  Sapins 09:12 08 Jan 2005

"DO NOT Donate online" WHY NOT, the recognised charities have perfectly secure web sites.

  Forum Editor 09:51 08 Jan 2005

any arguments about methods of making donations - that's something for each individual to decide for him/herself.

My post was about hoax emails - stick to that please.

  spikeychris 10:19 08 Jan 2005

The emails are hitting my in-box at a rate of knots and most are from people who should know better. I have even set up a template that I just click and send back, well actually two of them. One for family and non tech friends [a nice - thanks but....] and one for those who defiantly shouldn't be forwarding them [I cant type that here]

  Forum Editor 10:25 08 Jan 2005

forwarded from forum members. Please don't so this - they clog up my inbox, which is already full enough, and they go straight into the bin anyway.

We will NOT permit any threads or posts concerning children lost, or purported to be lost, in Asia - there are already many agencies dealing with genuine cases, and we can well do without mass distributions of dubious mail messages.

  spikeychris 15:32 08 Jan 2005

You will soon be receiving the next chapter. It states "How the Internet Became a Hero in the Tsunami Disaster" the email is a screen grab from a site [I have the site open here but I wont publish it} is dated 20/12/04!

Its main purpose is to knock George Bush, the first couple of paragraphs explain how the net has saved a kid then off it goes on a rampage of what the president was doing, not only with this disaster but the twin towers. Its a cloaked attack and nothing else.

You can guarantee that most people will not see it that way, they will see the headlines and a pic of the young boy and just forward it on.

  spikeychris 15:33 08 Jan 2005

The date is 29/12/04 - still too early.

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