Pleasant surprise with local garage !

  freaky 16:30 13 Dec 2006

Had a slow puncture in the rear nearside tyre for a while. Could see a nail in the centre of the fed up with putting air in it every week.

Was in town on Tuesday and spotted a garage so thought I would have it repaired.

While I waited in a small reception room they worked on the repair for about 30 minutes. Eventually they said it was OK and I asked how much I owed them. The boss said "there is no charge as you did not have a puncture". It appeared the cause was not due to the nail but the actual wheel. Some weeks ago I had clipped a curb and it caused damage to the wheel rim causing the air leak....they repaired the rim.

As a result I thanked them sincerely, and made a mental note to use their services again and to recommend them to my friends.

What a refreshing experience!

  SB23 16:53 13 Dec 2006

Similar experience, but with the cost of a new timing belt.
Dealer wanted £250 for a new belt, plus the probable extras, I posted on the forum to get ideas, realized a friends friend could help, had it done with a brand name belt, courtesy car, and all for £120.

  alB 17:03 13 Dec 2006

I had a local garage recommended to me by a neighbour after I was moaning about the service costs of the main dealer, gave him a go , what a diamond, the best service I've ever had AND a lot cheaper than I had been paying, I tell everyone about him now, wouldn't go anywhere else...alB

  anthonystorey 01:09 14 Dec 2006

wife rang me monday morning at work and said her brakes were making a funny noise so i told her to bring it to my work as there is a garage next door which i had used for some time. when i took it around
the mechanic had a look and said "that to be honest all 4 (8)pads needed changing" to which i replied "you only replaced the rear ones 2 months ago and my missus has done less than a 1000 miles" turned out they were ok after all.front ones needed changing tho

  BT 08:15 14 Dec 2006

I had to take my car in for a Manufacturers Safety Recall yesterday. The dealer did the work while I waited ( about an hour ) with a free coffee and the local daily paper supplied. The best thing was the Dealers Invoice for £0.00, I think I'll frame that!

  The Brigadier 08:22 14 Dec 2006

Had a small nail in a tyre & went to local small tyre company checked the tyre & they pulled out a small nail checked the tyre over & no damage. They then checked the other 3 for nails, took 30 minutes & refused to take any money.

They will get my business again in fact the more people i tell the more i hear about how good they are.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:24 14 Dec 2006

I was in my garage to have a wheel bearing fixed (under warranty so no charge) and we were talking about the next service which was due in a few months. I was expecting it to be about £350, but now the manufacturer has decided to move the recomended cam belt change from 72000 to 36000 miles - so my bill is going to be closer to £800.
If I want to keep my remaining warranty I have to have it done, and if I don't and it breaks it's a £2000 engine rebuild.

  freaky 10:03 14 Dec 2006

A lot of the car manufactures are using chain belts instead of cambelts....these are much more reliable and last the life of the engine. They still retain a cambelt for the alternator.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:02 14 Dec 2006

my first car (a mini of course) used a chain drive for the camshaft. It was called a timing chain back then and they used to rattle like hell after the car had covered twenty or thirty thousand miles (if driven hard) I'm sure chain technology has moved on a bit since then. Also some bikes use belt drives instead of a chain. I think Harley Davidson use them on some of their range.

  oresome 21:03 14 Dec 2006

Over the years with company cars I drove, the service intervals became longer.

A welcome reduction in costs you might think.

However the usual practise with various garages was to change parts early because they weren't sure that the existing part would last the duration of the extended service interval.

So, for example, a disc pad that might have been replaced at 24,000 miles is replaced at 15,000 miles because it might not last until the next service at 30,000 miles.

You just can't win.

I agree that if you find a decent garage, stick with it.

  woodchip 21:08 14 Dec 2006

No such thing as "chain belts" it's ether a Chain or a Belt, it can be ether to drive the Cam. And Cam belts do not go round alternator. They are ether Fan Belt or simply a alternator belt

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