A plea to Forum contributors

  wobblymike 16:59 16 Mar 2006

I have on numerous ocassions received some very useful help from members of the helproom forum and I am very appreciative of it. I have also in my own small way attempted to help others who have experienced problems. My plea is simple


There is nothing more frustrating than being advised to try something that you have already tried and said you have tried in your thread; especially so if the thread runs over a number of days. I have first hand experience of this in recent weeks and while I bear with it, conscious that contributors are kindly giving of their time and expertise, it is frustrating.

  mole44 17:06 16 Mar 2006

and before that do a search because your problem my have come up before and been answered.

  watchful 17:52 16 Mar 2006

Yes, that often happens and it seems as if some people just come in at the end without having read anything that's gone before.

  €dstowe 18:46 16 Mar 2006

If a thread has been running over a number of days and it has spread over several pages, it is not always convenient for a new contributor to look at all that has gone before, especially if, like me, they grab a minute of two here and there during the day. In cases like that the new contribution may well have been posted previously but I feel it is rather churlish if that is complained about.

Remember that the advice given on here is offered in good faith, is free and should be accepted thus.

If anyone makes a complaint about any contribution I may have made to their thread, their moniker goes on a mental list and I make damned sure that they don't benefit from my advice again. Be assured that there are quite a few members here who have had the ill grace to behave like that to me - and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks similarly.

So, if someone does post some advice that has been given before, accept it in the spirit it was offered. What you should not do is complain otherwise you will find that the respondents to your requests will get fewer and fewer.

  SG Atlantis® 18:54 16 Mar 2006

I agree with €dstowe on a few points.

People drop by here and don't have time to analyse the threads, esp. really long ones in detail. They will throw there ideas in hoping to help and yes they may clash with someone else's prior suggestions but so what, just disregard it and move on.

There should be a rule of no whinning on here.

  powerless 18:55 16 Mar 2006

Actually you might find that newbies post the same question that has been answered before because well they are new here and so don't have a clue what the protocol is, if there is one ;-))

There are many threads that repeat over the weeks in various disguises because each one is unique in its own way and so that's why you'll find the forum seems to be stuck on repeat! But you're more than likely to find the thread starter wanting his/her own thread where they get all the attention why us lot scramble to solve the problem. They may want answers speicifc to them and not someone else who has the same/simliar problem.

I don't often post for help but I can see it being a little frustrating when some people just ignore other replies and post the same thing that you've no doubt just read. However no one is perfect and we all miss a post here and there and the majority of people [i'm guessing here] just cannot be bothered to read a page [or three] full of posts, I sometimes do it as it hurts my eyes.

Interestingly over the umm 3 years I've been here I've seen many threads such as this and a bunch of others along the way as well and if there is one thing I've learn't...

*There ain't nothing no one can do*

These threads come up now and again and they do raise a point, a good one I might add but you'll soon find interest fades away until a few months later when someone else has an idea and we all start again.

So whilst people may become frustrated, just step back for a second, calm down and hey there's a world out there...

  ade.h 19:03 16 Mar 2006

Edstowe, your second paragraph sounds a bit unfair to me.

If I haven't got the time or energy to read a long thread, I tend not to contribute to it except in reference to a later question or comment. I don't want to repeat what someone else has already said, as it doesn't help and shows up the fact the I haven't read through it.

And if someone gets a bit narked off about it, so what? I'm still going to contribute to their future threads where appropriate.

Get it off your chest in the thread, rather than silently blacklisting them.

  Legolas 20:23 16 Mar 2006

I have just closed a thread with 54 replies and yes some postees repeated advice that I had previously tried, but I would rather have a repeat post than no posts at all and as already stated with a thread as long as the one I mentioned a couple of repeats is always going to happen but I still appreciate the effort put in, another thing is that every post to a thread whither fresh info or repeated info puts the thread back at the top of the list for others who might just have the solution to have a look

  stalion 21:42 16 Mar 2006

be grateful for the free help offered it's not a perfect world and the helpers do their best.

  hzhzhz 22:02 16 Mar 2006

"There is nothing more frustrating than being advised to try something that you have already tried and said you have tried in your thread;"

Well, if thats the most frustrating thing in your life, then think yourself very lucky.

  hzhzhz 22:15 16 Mar 2006

Apples for four contributors, what a good idea. Oh sorry, I misread something. I'm always busy and pop into the forum when Ive got a spare second, you see, so I dont have time to study the threads in too much detail.

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