Play Up Pompey

  Bingalau 14:15 17 May 2008

I'm rooting for Pompey this afternoon even though I have always been an Everton fan. I have many good memories of Fratton Park when I was stationed in Portsmouth. A gang of us used to walk from Eastney Barracks to the ground for every game they played. We always stood in the same area amongst the Pompey fans and always shouted for the opposition whoever they were, Arsenal; wolves or Liverpool. There was never any trouble and after the game we always retired to the same pub with the Pompey fans and had a few friendly arguments about the game we had just watched. Never, ever was there a hint of trouble. I am talking of the early 1950's of course and can remember Jimmy Dickenson; Scouler and of course the infamous goalkeeper who was convicted of taking bribes and throwing matches later on in his career. I won't mention his name just in case it's against the rules of something or other. But my over riding memories of Portsmouth and it's citizens are good ones. But then they would be of course, because most of them are descended from Matelots and Bootnecks anyway.

  Forum Editor 14:23 17 May 2008

are descended from Matelots and Bootnecks anyway."

What gives you that idea?

  Legolas 14:29 17 May 2008

As I am a neutral I will probably support the underdogs plus Cardiff City have three Scots in their team so its Cardiff for me. That could change as the game goes on that is the beauty of being a neutral.

  Forum Editor 14:34 17 May 2008

Actually, being a neutral means that you don't support any side - you don't care who wins - but I know what you mean. I'm supporting Cardiff this afeternoon for no better reason than that I'm half Welsh, which is a bit daft, because the othjer half of me is English.

  Forum Editor 14:35 17 May 2008

That must be the half that doesn't check for typos.

  Bingalau 14:53 17 May 2008

FE. They are all such good looking types?

  Legolas 15:02 17 May 2008

You are of course correct and I realised as I continued with the entry that I had used the wrong word,so I will get off the fence and declare my support for Cardiff City. The celtic Welsh side is obviously stronger than the English side.

  Earthsea 15:06 17 May 2008

I expect Portsmouth to win by about 20-nil.

  Forum Editor 15:12 17 May 2008

and I expect you to be right, or partly so - I doubt the goal difference will be quite that large.

  Earthsea 15:14 17 May 2008

Sorry, I was probably thinking of rugby.

  crosstrainer 15:17 17 May 2008

Football. I'm a rugby man through and through....However, I am also a Welshman, and live in Cardiff, so Cardiff it is.....(I don't even understand the offside rule :))

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