Plastic Bag and a Car Wash.

  wmoore 22:14 31 Jan 2010

Went to get my car washed at the local shell today
and they gave me a long plastic bag to place over my rear window wiper. But I thought to myself Why?
With the bag on the wiper, it doesn't get cleaned, it doesn't protect it from damage, I mean why don't cover the front ones as well. And every other car wash I have been through I have never been given one.

What is the purpose of it.

  Marko797 22:15 31 Jan 2010

then why didn't u ask at the time? Dur!

  Marko797 22:19 31 Jan 2010

if they had stuck one on your head, then I'm sure you wud have been quicker to establish the reason why...

Or would your first response have been to post on PCA? Mind boggles.

  wmoore 22:24 31 Jan 2010

Yes I could of asked at the time, but had the kids with me and it was busy.
Maybe I remember next time.

Any ideas anyone.

  Tim1964 23:26 31 Jan 2010

Its so the thin strips that make up the rotating cleaning brush at the rear do not get caught in the wiper and damage the cleaning head or rip the wiper off.

  wmoore 23:32 31 Jan 2010

Thanks. But why don't all car washes use them ?

  do-gull 12:00 01 Feb 2010

Often thought that myself, but just keep putting the dam thing on and taking it off afterwards.

Cannot wait to find out if i've been clever or stupid

The word SHEEP springs to mind LOL


  lotvic 14:07 01 Feb 2010

the front wipers sit in a recessed protected well. The rear wiper can be dragged backwards by the bristles on carwash.
Some places tape the rear wiper to window click here

  spuds 19:11 01 Feb 2010

Saves all that trouble and problems, when you visit the local Eastern European run car wash and valet enterprise, if you have one in your area! ;o)).

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