Planted explosives...... It was just a test

  donki 10:13 06 Jan 2010

Heard this on the way home last night and couldn't believe it. Our local BBC radio station (NI) had a security expert on saying that this kind of activity was quite comman pre 911.

Aparantly the French authorities have previously lost a quanity of exposives after the person they planted went missing, he was never found.

Question is why use an unsuspecting member of the public instead of a trained officer or actor even? If his destination had been somewhere on Alert say the US or UK this poor man could have been in an awful situation.

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  Seth Haniel 10:52 06 Jan 2010

they do the same with Drugs -
and that coulds ruin someones life completely if some jobsworth in a foreign country with harsh laws (China) -
the case last year they'd planted drugsaand also lost the person

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:20 06 Jan 2010

Terrorists must be heartily laughing at these stories and at Obama's less than flattering assessment of Homeland Security.


  Seth Haniel 13:27 06 Jan 2010
  donki 13:55 06 Jan 2010

Is there any real justificaton for them to just plant an illegal substance on a member of the public? Drugs is one thing but at a time where any airport in the Western world is a possible target airport how can this be seen as sensible.

As G says the terrorists will be laugh at this and also seeing that there is a chance that a person carrying explosives will get through.

  Forum Editor 17:42 06 Jan 2010

as though the Irish airport authorities are to blame for this - they were clearly warned that the test was in progress, and according to the Slovak authorities the passenger concerned was also told.

It seems like an excellent way to test airport security arrangements, but it would obviously be better to use an official as the carrier - posing as a passenger.

There's a lot of talk about security each time somebody gets a bomb aboard an aircraft, but I've seen airport and airline staff cutting corners in airports all over the world, including America. The safest aircraft in the skies from a security point of view are those operated by El Al. Fly out of or into Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and you'll see airport security as it should be.

Why? Because airport and aircraft security is in the hands of the Israeli Secret Service. They make all other airports and airlines look like amateurs. You'll be checked by the Secret Service long before you even reach the airport for an outbound flight, and if you're inbound you'll be checked before you reach your departure airport. There are men and women with concealed weapons all over the airports, and on every flight, and they know what they're doing.

  morddwyd 19:59 06 Jan 2010

Yes, well, they've been facing it a lot longer than the rest of us.

  octal 20:19 06 Jan 2010

I've been reading this article on Israeli security click here

It's interesting they concentrate on the person and the way they act. As morddwyd says, they have had more practice at it than we have. The trouble is this sort of security probably takes years to get the staff trained in the visual art of people watching and paying a sufficient wage to retain their services.

  SimpleSimon1 22:54 06 Jan 2010

UK Customs have been training their front-line staff to do this for years (my wife used to be one of their psychological trainers). The whole set-up is designed to induce feelings of guilt in an honest person and, as such, they tend to be very interested in anyone who **doesn't** exhibit 'guilt tells' when passing through the chanels.

Unfortunately, normal UK airport security staff aren't [currently] trained to anything like this level of observation and perception.

  Chris the Ancient 10:26 07 Jan 2010

I recall, with a smile, an incident in which I was 'involved'.

My ex and I were flying out from New York Newark airport. The system (pre-9/11 at that time... may have changed) was such that you went through scanning as you entered the terminal - whether you were flying or not.

The security person ran a hand-held scanner over my ex and it bleeped like mad. Following a more in-depth search, they found a ball of silver paper in her pocket. You can well imagine what security thought at this point!

The silver paper ball was opened... just to discover that it contained a piece of used chewing gum. We were both checked a little more deeply (not internal searching, I hasten to add) and found to be 'clean'.

If it was like that pre-9/11, what is it like over there now?


  Seth Haniel 10:58 07 Jan 2010

via Brussels - on touch down and take off in Brussels the plane was escorted by armoured cars - and soldiers out on the tarmac with guns while fuelling took place.
A bit different to Minorca in 1985 -where travelling with a wheelchair passenger - last off plane and taken across tarmac -when got to terminus they had all gone home - so no passport check or baggage check

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