Portal11 10:45 24 May 2011

What a stupid hobby! ive got a friend whos son is into this planking he is 14, ive just looked at his wall on Facebook and seen he has posted "Off planking later"? i can stare at a photo and not see what the craze is all about? just to lay there on an object that normally is dangerous,

Also he has on his profile he has opened his Velux window in the roof and laid on his roof? then his mates have took pics or him and call it a triumph? a recipe for disaster..

IT originates from Australia and has started since the beginning of 2011

Clearly this is something that is getting bigger since been in the news that a young lad had died from doing it, when i was young we got our kicks out of making a huge swing and all piling on it or hide and seek in my friends parents farm but to just lay there i see no excitement no goal no point?

For those of you that dont know what "Planking" is basically its where someone finds an object as ive stated nearly most of the time dangerous then just lay down on it & DONT be fool into thinking its JUST kids doing it! ive seen people in the army and all sorts of adults online? like in these pics:


  spuds 11:22 24 May 2011

Flying in aircraft was once classed as an adventure into the realms of the unknown!.

Around my neck of the woods, the craze for the past few years as been Free Running or Parkour. The local council with the aid from other grant funded establishment built a £40/50.000 training area that certain members of the community insisted that they desperately wanted and needed. Shame really, because of lack of supervised training the amenities are rarely used, but the local walls, low rooftops and trees are!.

  peter99co 11:41 24 May 2011

When my dad was 13 he climbed to the top of a gasholder for a shilling bet with a bike. Once round the top and back down.

He didn't get the shilling though.

  lotvic 12:15 24 May 2011

They look more like Plonkers

  Covergirl 12:19 24 May 2011

A new generation of halfwits find another dangerous fad to reduce their numbers.

  Quickbeam 13:03 24 May 2011

I think that maybe extreme ironing looks to be more fun than that.

  Portal11 14:21 24 May 2011

Quickbeam you may find this extreme ironing a must 500 foot up a chimney in Hull! This is a friend of mine he gets his kicks out of this?

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