Plain English, or what...

  STREETWORK 21:29 05 Oct 2009

Here's a challenge, decode this one from a government funding website...

"Ensure your project fits with the agreed Strategic Frameworks, which are operational strategies that focus on the types of interventions that will best deliver on the Priorities in the Operational Programmes".

Once I understand what it means, I can proceed to the next step...

  Devil Fish 21:47 05 Oct 2009

i can see meanings of sorts but my best advice would be contact your local mp or some legal type who may be able to decifer it for you rather than people like me throwing in educated guesses and may be way off base

  Woolwell 22:43 05 Oct 2009

It means: "We've already decided which projects are likely to meet our requirements and which fit in with our priorities. If you don't submit your claim to match with this then you have no chance."

  octal 23:22 05 Oct 2009

A classic case of yuk-speak. You can imagine all those suits sitting around a committee table piecing together all the buzzwords they know to make a sentence.

  I am Spartacus 23:40 05 Oct 2009

In my old job I had to read Project Viability Studies and High Level Business Requirements written by external consultants and containing a lot, lot worse crap than that.

I occasionally asked what some of it meant and got replies from Project Managers indicating they had no idea either. I assume the PM's didn't want to challenge it with the thought of looking stupid by not knowing.

  BRYNIT 00:11 06 Oct 2009

I've seen this before I think its called hide and seek. You have to search for the information hidden somewhere on the website. If you manage to find and then decipher the cryptic information you can go to the next step or just give up.

  morddwyd 06:55 06 Oct 2009

There is a fairly well known organisation campaigning against this sort of thing, with some success

click here

  jack 08:02 06 Oct 2009


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