A plague of flies.

  Brumas 17:33 14 Aug 2007

Is it just us here in North Northumberland who are experiencing a plague of the common or garden pesky house fly or is it nationwide?
I have tried all manner of tips & tricks to solve the problem but all to no avail!

  Bingalau 17:36 14 Aug 2007

Brumas. Just normal here, but hope I have not spoken too soon.

  Totally-braindead 17:45 14 Aug 2007

Last year we had a plague of flies the like of which had never been seen and by coincidence it also happened to be the first time we had the bins getting emptied every fortnight instead of every week. But we did have the warmest summer I can recall.
This year in my part of Scotland the weather has been aweful, raining perhaps 3 days out of 7 each week and not all that warm most of the time and theres been no fly problem at all.

  Diemmess 18:09 14 Aug 2007

Many years ago there was a council refuse tip on the appropriately named East Marsh site.
In spite of dismissive and defiant answers from the Surveyor to suggestions that the tip was not properly covered with topsoil, the plague continued until some bright locals set fire to it.

Fire Brigade didn't rush to deal with it until it was well established and it took a day or two to stem what was becoming a deep underground fire.

This time the Surveyor was on record pointing out the danger that anyone straying onto the tip might fall into a deep burning pocket of fire.

The point is that from the first smokey signs of the fire, the town of about 7000 was rid of the plague of flies.

  Brumas 21:31 14 Aug 2007

If I dig the hole will you bring the wood?

Being quite serious for a minute I have posies of lemon balm and mint in each room - I can't say it is really working though.
In the study, where I have the computer, there is an electronic fly zapper (because we are troubled by midges in the summer and they seem to love the taste of me) there are no flies but neither are there any on the zapper!
I have fly papers everywhere else and I am loathe to use sprays because they seem to catch the back of my throat.

Doesn't anyone have a tried and tested method or a particular ingenious way of thwarting the little blighters?

  wolfie3000 21:37 14 Aug 2007

Find yourself a load of spiders, they will soon dispatch those pesky flies.

  octal 21:48 14 Aug 2007

Shock horror! I read you title "A plague of files"

Off to write 1000 times

I must read titles properly.

  namtas 21:55 14 Aug 2007

I think that you may find that they are looking for a place to hibernate, When I lived Nr Alnwick in Northumberland I remember coming home to a open window and finding a bedroom literally swarming with what must have been millions of them. Quite a distasteful situation really! Are you living at or near some source that is encouraging them to bred.

  Brumas 22:01 14 Aug 2007

I live 15 miles north of Alnwick and this is the first time the problem has manifested itself - so I think it must a freak combination of weather conditions and perhaps what the farmers are putting on their fields.

  Bingalau 08:27 15 Aug 2007

Maybe you can find a friendly farmer who will put his manure in a field a few miles away. that should lure the varmints away.

  wee eddie 10:58 15 Aug 2007

Flies are attracted to the UV Lamp.

Is it possible that without the UV Lamp the Flies would be elsewhere?

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