Pirated music... face five years in prison.

  Seth Haniel 11:18 29 Aug 2008

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AUGUST 27--A Los Angeles man who allegedly posted nine pirated tracks from "Chinese Democracy," the long-overdue album from Guns N' Roses, was arrested today by FBI agents and charged with violating federal copyright laws

  interzone55 12:57 29 Aug 2008

Where do you get the "face five years in prison" from, he's only just been arrested.

Besides, how does it concern us, it being a US citizen arrested by US officers for posting a US band's music.

Let the 'merkins carry arresting music pirates whilst the kids shoot each other in school.

Priorities, yes they've heard of them...

  Seth Haniel 13:51 29 Aug 2008

"Cogill faces up to five years in prison"

last line of ist paragraph on 'click to' ;)

  interzone55 17:14 29 Aug 2008

Yes, but that's worst case scenario - it'll be the usual fine.

I repeat my comment about priorities though.

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The FBI's investigative functions fall into the categories of applicant matters; civil rights; counterterrorism; foreign counterintelligence; organized crime/drugs; violent crimes and major offenders; and financial crime.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:32 29 Aug 2008

anyone posting Guns N' Roses material should get life!

  octal 20:42 29 Aug 2008

Thanks, that made me smile :)

  DANZIG 00:50 30 Aug 2008

So no-one who frequents this forum has ANY (whisper it low) 'pirated' copyrighted material in their possession?

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