Pirate Ship Blown Up

  Quickbeam 08:26 14 Apr 2010

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I've said all along that this is what our navy should do with 'em.

We used to in Black Beard's day...

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:47 14 Apr 2010

Whatever made the pirates think they would defeat that US Navy vessel?

They must be mad!

  canarieslover 08:59 14 Apr 2010

Must have thought they were sailing 'The Black Pearl' and totally invincible. Good job it wasn't a British ship they attacked, we would still be going through the Health n Safety At Work regs to see if it was OK to fire back.

  johndrew 10:55 14 Apr 2010

I like some of the terms used in the report; such as, ".. received small arms fire on the port side from the six man crew of suspected pirates .." and ".. deployed her rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIBs) to assist the pirates ..".

I wonder how much better it could have read if this had occurred in Nelson`s time. Perhaps the final paragraph something like, ".. it being 'make and mend day' they were then hung out to dry .."!!

  spuds 15:00 14 Apr 2010

I bet the captain of that US vessel didn't have to phone Whitehall or the Pentagon :O(

  sunnystaines 16:01 14 Apr 2010

had it been a brit ship the pirates would have taken the crew hostage without a fight.
our royal navy once the pride of the world are now the wimps of the sea a joke as far as the rest of the world is concerned world.

  octal 21:17 14 Apr 2010

For havens sake, that just about sums up the pirates IQ (eyes raise to the ceiling).

  bri-an 21:38 14 Apr 2010

I find it strange that people who normally praise 'our boys in uniform' can now call all our Royal Navy 'wimps'.

Must be very brave sitting at a computer writing drivel.

  Monoux 21:42 14 Apr 2010

Perhaps sunny staines is refering to the people who were taken prisoner on the high seas by the Iranians and who cried when their Ipod was confiscated and all without a fight.

They then sold their stories to a newspaper.

All members of the senior Service, doesn't inspire much confidence

  Al94 21:59 14 Apr 2010

Ideal opportunity to annialate these scum, pity the opportunity wasn't maximised! This is turning into a very lily livered world, we need people with balls to take out scum like this.

  sunnystaines 22:08 14 Apr 2010

Its not indivdual sailors but their management.

there was the iran saga were they were taken hostage.

where they failed to detain the pirates they caught.

the couple that got kidnapped they stood by and done nothing.

yet back in the falklands war they were outstanding not sure if the change of gov't has caused this or not but wish they would get tough again.

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